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Originating from Neighbourhood Watch Communities in the Stafford District 

These days, with crime being so prevalent, it is really a case of being forewarned and thereby forearmed and, it is with this in mind, that members of the Neighbourhood Watch Communities in the Stafford District have suggested publication on Hints and Things.



Bicycle thefts often increase in spring.

At home, keep your bike secure and locked at all times 

When out, always lock your bike, even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes. Avoid parking your bike in isolated or dimly-lit places where a thief is less likely to be seen.

Get a good bike lock. Hardened steel D shaped locks are recommended as the minimum standard. A local bike shop can advise, or go to www.soldsecure.com 


When you leave your bike, lock it to an immovable object: Use a bike rack if you can or lock it to a lamp post or sturdy railings.

Secure the removable parts of your bike such as wheels and take smaller parts such as quick-release saddles and lights with you.

Consider having your bike security marked to make it easily identifiable.


Garden ornaments and Furniture

The theft of garden ornaments, furniture and planters is another Spring/Summer trend. 

Consider the security of your property and remember that valuable planters and ornaments are safer in the back garden where passers by can’t see them.

Secure garden furniture using an anchoring device to make it harder to move. 

These can also be used to protect expensive planters and ornamental trees.

Use brackets to protect hanging baskets. 

Consider security marking your valuables. If they would be difficult to mark, take a photograph of them to help with identification if the worst happens and they are stolen.

Unlocked Doors and Windows

In over 25% of all house burglaries, the criminal doesn’t break in – they climb in through an insecure window or walk in through an unlocked door. 

As the warmer weather arrives, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep out homes secure to protect them from opportunist criminals.

Even a small window can attract an opportunist burglar. They may be agile enough to climb through, or may just reach through to open a larger window to gain entry.

Keep doors and windows secure and locked not just when you go out, but in any unoccupied rooms when you are at home or in the garden, and watch out for any strangers approaching the rear of your neighbour’s property – rear doors and windows are often out of sight and give a criminal more time to break in. 

Unlocked rear doors attract opportunist thieves who only take seconds to grab the valuables such as handbags, mobile phones and keys left near to the door.

Always tell the police immediately if you see anything suspicious.

Scrap Dealers and other companies 

Check out scrap dealers and other companies in your area The Environment Agency has a register of the businesses licensed to operate in your area. 

Searches can be made on a company name, license/permit number, by postcode, or town to check that anyone operating locally is licensed. 

The register includes scrap merchants and covers business licensed for the following:

  • Agricultural Waste Exemptions 

  • Agricultural Waste Exemptions for Local Authorities in England and Wales

  • Agricultural Waste Exemptions for Natural England 

  • Hazardous Waste, Waste Carriers, Waste Brokers 

  • Water Quality and Pollution Control 

  • Environmental Permits (previously Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)) 

  • Environmental Permits (previously Integrated Pollution Control (IPC)

  • Radioactive Substances Information 

  • Environmental Permits (Waste Management Licensing) 

The Public Register information is available online at:


Nigel, Stafford


Further information about Staffordshire Neighbourhood Watch can be obtained by telephoning Staffordshire Police on 0300-123-44-55 or by visiting the OWL web-site at www.owl.co.uk










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