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Carpet Piles Explained


Carpet is back! Whether it is refreshing the look of your home interiors or just the need to transform your home, carpets can be a versatile and stylish material that will liven up your home.

Let’s start with the different types of carpet fibres available: 

Cut pile; 


Shag pile;


The properties of these carpet fibres vary in quality and also each type should suit a different use and application around the house. The choice is yours, be it luxury carpet pile for your living room or something more durable by opting for man-made synthetic carpet fibres.

Cut pile / Twist

The most popular type of carpet is the cut pile. It is created from yarn which has been tightly twisted together. It mainly comes in plain colours and has a mottled textured appearance. This is a great option for those seeking a general purpose and economical style around the home.


Velvet pile

This carpet describes exactly how it feels. The Velvet pile has a very smooth, silky feel with an elegant cut pile finish. This is ideal for bedrooms in need of that luxurious and cosy feel. However, velvet pile is comparatively expensive in relation to some other types of carpet due to the high grade material which goes into the manufacturing process.


Shag pile

Shag pile is made in the same way as cut pile, but has much longer tufts for a fantastically luxurious feel. The shaggy appearance was extremely popular back in the Seventies and this look is increasingly making a comeback at present.


Berber / Loop Pile

A type of carpet which is excellent for durable all purpose use, is looped pile carpet - sometimes referred to as a Berber carpet. This type of carpet features a looped pile making it more hard wearing than other carpet types. 

It is also characterised by a heavier and wider kind of yarn. The loops can either be uniform or different sizes for a more textured look and feel. The yarn too can vary in size. 

The great thing about looped pile is that it is possible to combine both a varied cut and loop to create a dramatic, sculptured effect to your floor.



Saxony is similar to Shag pile in as much as it also features longer tufts than some of the other styles. It can best be described as a dense cut pile and people often favour it for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

Article contributed by funonthefloor.com (apparently no longer online)







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