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How armoires can be used in the home – computer, tv and wardrobe armoires

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Different Ways An Armoire Could Be Used In Your Home

Simon Phillips for getarmoires.com

armoire is basically a cleverly designed storage cabinet that looks
attractive on the outside and provides a home for all sorts of household
item on the inside.  An
armoire is an elegant piece of furniture that helps give a room a smart
and tidy appearance by concealing all manner of clutter within – from
electrical equipment to children’s toys. 
Here are 3 different types of armoire that can be used in different
rooms around the home:


armoire is the perfect solution to a messy computer desk that is on
constant display and gives your home an untidy image. 
Whether you’ve got a separate home office or study, or have your
computer desk tucked into a corner of a spare bedroom or dining area, an
armoire can help give your room a stunning new look.  

By keeping
your computer equipment inside an armoire, you can discreetly hide a
cluttered desk and conceal all those unattractive wires.  


computer armoire

A computer
armoire has a mixture of compartments, shelving and drawers, with space for
all your equipment, from a monitor to a printer. 
It will have a pullout keyboard tray for your comfort and

And the real
bonus is that at the end of a busy day you can simply close the doors on
your workstation, to cover up those piles of paperwork and transform your

TV armoire

or Entertainment Armoire

A TV or
entertainment armoire
makes a great addition to a living room, enabling
you to conceal things like your television, DVD player or music center when
they’re not in use. 

If you
feel your large screen TV tends to dominate your room, then housing it in an
attractive wooden armoire is a good way to add a touch of elegance to your
room’s appearance.  

TV armoires
are specially designed with wraparound doors that sit flush with the sides
when open, so they won’t obstruct your view of the screen.



A wardrobe
is a useful item of furniture to have in a bedroom, providing
extra storage space for clothes that there’s no room for in your fitted

armoires have a combination of hanging rails, shelves and drawers. 
Some can be adapted for use as a TV armoire, with one side dedicated
to hanging clothing, and the shelves on the other side removed to fit a

A wardrobe
armoire is handy is a child’s bedroom as it also provides somewhere to
store toys and games.

wardrobe armoire

you want to give your home and orderly and neat appearance, and you’re fed
up with the place looking cluttered, then some sort of armoire could be the




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