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How to choose the best area rug for your situation and how it can enhance your decor.

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by Astrid Bullen

Area rugs can be the solution to
a chic look. Renters, college students in dorm rooms, or anybody who wishes
to keep away from the bother and cost of carpet fitting will find area rugs
a smart, handy option. If you live, work, or relax in rooms with a large
amount of foot traffic you will find area rugs particularly useful in
shielding susceptible floor surfaces.

Area rugs are great for thrifty
decorators. They can transport multicolored designs and patterns into your
room without overwhelming it, unlike wall-to-wall carpet, which looks best
in a neutral color. However, you can still use area rugs if you do have
wall-to-wall carpeting. You can use them to tie a seating area together, or
you can lay them on high traffic areas to protect the carpet.

If you’re looking to transform
a room in your home quickly, effortlessly and economically, think about
using an area rug. An area rug is a brilliant way to instantly warm the room
up too. Consider these tips before buying one:

• Decide what you will use
the rug for.
• How will you mix the area rug with the existing décor of the room?
• As long as the colors match, it’s acceptable to use more than one
rug in the same area.
• Offset the rug’s creeping or sliding on the floor by placing a rug
pad under it.

Choose the rug first, if
possible, since harmonizing a rug with fabrics and wallpaper can be more
difficult. You should take several color or fabric samples with you when
shopping to replace a rug in an already decorated room. Be sure that the rug
you are considering can be centered in your room. An interior designer can
be very useful if you’re having trouble choosing a machine or handmade

Rugs are easy to maintain, they
come in countless designs, and they can be moved or rearranged to go with
your decorating tastes. Owing to the unbelievable diversity of styles,
sizes, shapes, materials and manufacturing processes involved, shopping for
rugs can be a challenge. Area rugs can be found in a wide variety of prices,
too. The majority of inexpensive area rugs are machine-made from artificial
fibers like olefin and polypropylene.

You can get wholesale bathroom
rugs, outdoor, throw, tropical, feizy, cow hide, oriental, flokati, bamboo, contemporary
rugs and much more online. Rugs fall into different price classes based
on factors such as whether they are machine or handmade, from synthetic or
natural fibers, their makes and their sizes

Getting Started

Finding out your needs, what
should be enhanced, and forming a relaxed practical style of your own is all
part of decorating effectively. Here are some questions to ask yourself to
help you come up with area rug decorating ideas:

• How long do you plan to
stay in your present home?
• What type of life do you lead?
• What do you do in each room?
• Do you have children, or are you trying to start a family?
• Do you have a favorite color? Have you considered a color scheme?

You’ll want to get the right
size once you’ve come up with enough area rug decorating ideas. You may
find a rug that has the ideal color scheme but is somewhat smaller than you
hoped. The last thing you want to do is to buy a rug that is too small for
the space. You will be much better off if you buy a slightly larger rug than
a smaller one.

You can place a small rug on a
tabletop or other elevated area for a unique touch, and put ornate items
such as vases or table lamps upon them. Framing and hanging area rugs on
walls for an alternative touch is another decorating idea. Of course, you
can put your area rug on the floor in places such as in front of a hearth,
or even in a small passageway, thereby adding a touch of warmth and coziness
to the ambience.

Select Your Style

Casual Floral: set
the tone for a comfortable, relaxed setting with a floral rug. These rugs
will fit country or more traditional settings.

Color: a boldly patterned rug can add spice to your space.
With patterns such as primitive shapes and lines, the disharmony of color
will add zest.

Sophisticated Modern: warm up a modernistic room with a shag
or a sheepskin rug.

rugs enjoy a well-earned status as the best on earth. Four major
features contribute to the Persian’s heritage of superiority:

• Striking colors – vivid
colors indicate the use of premium dyes.

• Captivating designs – while each rug is exceptional there are three
distinctive classes of design, each dramatic in its own way: geometric
designs, curvilinear and floral designs, and pictorial designs.

• High knot count – more knots are better because they result in a
tighter weave.

• Highest quality materials – these rugs feature top quality wool,
silk and dyes.

Contemporary area rugs are
typically designed in modern styles, although there is an abundance of
patterns to select from. Regardless of your budget, you’re sure to find
contemporary rugs to fit in with your area rug decorating ideas.

Choosing the Right Area

Are you confused as to which rug
is the better buy? There are three general types of rug to choose from:

– the quality of these rugs is determined by
the quality of the wool, the number of knots per square inch, and the wash.

Machine made – this type is what the name specifies – made
by machine.

Hand-tufted this kind of rug consists of yarn forced into
a grid followed by an application of latex or fabric backing.

rugs have become even more popular recently. They are fairly easy to
look after; there are many styles, textures, materials and sizes to choose
from, so why not buy one? You can get an idea of the prices on the Internet,
and some sites even offer discount prices. Transform your home with an area
rug today!

More information on what to
look out for when  choosing an area rug
and how to keep it looking good 






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