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Notable dates of special days, religious holidays, celebrations and Bank holidays in 2014 in the UK.



Religious and otherwise

For UK Public/Bank Holidays –
2015 – 2018

Dates given in good faith but we
cannot guarantee accuracy


New Year’s Day 1st January
(1st/2nd Scotland)
Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
(Nanakshahi calendar)
5th January
Epiphany 6th January
Milad Un Nabi
13th January
Burn’s Night 25th January
Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January
Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse31st January

Accession of Queen Elizabeth II

6th February
Parinirvana Day 8th February
St. Valentine’s Day 14th February
28th February
St. David’s Day (Wales) 1st March
Shrove Tuesday  (pancake day) 4th March
Ash Wednesday 5th March
Commonwealth Day 10th March
16th March
St. Patrick’s Day
17th March
Holi 17th March
Mothers Day (UK) 30th March
Palm Sunday 13th April
Vaisakhi/Baisakhi (Nanakshahi calendar) 14th April
Birthday of Guru Nanak (Nanakshahi calendar) 14th April
Pesach – 1st day 15th April
Good Friday 18th April
Easter Sunday 20th April
Easter Monday 21st April
Queen Elizabeth II Birthday 21st April
St. George’s Day
23rd April
World Red
Cross/Red Crescent Day
8th May
Wesak (Buddha
14th May
Spring Bank Holiday 25th May
Ascension Day 29th May
Coronation Day  2nd June
Shavuot – 1st day 4th June
Whit Sunday 8th June
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Birthday 10th June
Queen’s Official Birthday
(to be confirmed)
14th June
Trinity Sunday 15th June
Father’s Day
15th June
Martydom of
Guru Arjan Dev (Nanakshahi calendar)
16th June
Corpus Christi19th June
Prince William’s Birthday 21st June
Armed Forces Day 28th June
29th June
of the Boyne (Northern Ireland)
14th July
St. Swithin’s Day 15th July
Eid al-Fitr 28th July
August Bank Holiday (Scotland) 4th August

August Bank Holiday
(England, Wales, N. Ireland)

25th August
Day of Peace
21st September
Rosh Hashanah
(Jewish New Year)
25th September
Navratri 1st day 25th September
Yom Kippur 4th October
4th October
Succoth- 1st day 9th October
Diwali 23rd October
United Nations
24th October
Hijra (New Year)
25th October
Halloween 31st October
Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes) 5th November
Remembrance Sunday 9th November
Armistice Day 11th November

Prince of Wales’s Birthday

14th November
Martydom of
Guru Tegh Bahadur (Nanakshahi calendar)
24th November

St. Andrew’s Day (Scotland)

30th November
Advent Sunday 30th November
Bodhi  Day 8th December

Chanukah – 1st day

17th December
Christmas Eve 24th December
Christmas Day 25th December
Boxing Day (St. Stephen’s Day) 26th December
New Year’s Eve /Hogmanay 31st December

All dates are given in good faith but as many religious
dates are based on the lunar calendar we cannot guarantee accuracy.