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Handy kitchen weight conversions, by commodity, Imperial, Metric and American cups

Handy Kitchen Weight

Some recipes, especially older ones,
give ingredients in pounds and ounces but you may need to know the metric
equivalent – the following chart gives guidance on the conversion rate
between British Imperial measures, metric equivalent and American cups, by

As this is not an exact science weights shown
approximate.   When following recipes measurements should not be mixed – always
stick to Imperial, Metric or American
throughout the recipe.








Flour4 oz. (ounces)115g1 cup
Cornflour1 oz.30 g4 tablespoons
 4 1/2 oz.130 g1 cup
Icing sugar (sifted confectioners)7 oz.200 g1 cup
Soft Brown Sugar4 oz.115 g1/2 cup (firmly packed)
Castor or Granulated sugar4 oz.115 g1/2 cup
Butter, Margarine, Fat etc.1 oz.30 g2 tablespoons
 8 oz.225 g1 cup

Stick of butter
4 oz.115 g1/2 cup
Grated cheese – cheddar type4 oz.115g1 cup
Grated cheese – Parmesan8 oz.225 g1 cup
Pearl Barley/Tapioca8 oz.225 g1 cup
Semolina/Ground rice6 oz.175 g1 cup
Fresh bread or cake crumbs3 oz.75 g1 cup
Dried bread crumbs2 oz.60 g1 cup
Oatmeal2 oz.60 g1 cup
Carrot – coarsely grated4 oz.115 g1 cup
Sweetcorn – cooked4 oz.115 g1 cup
Celery4 sticks 1 cup chopped
Tomatoes – chopped7 oz.200 g1 cup
Apples – Cooking1 lb. (pound)450 g3 medium size
Apples – Eating1 lb.450 g4 medium size
Mushrooms – button4 oz.115 g1 cup
Beetroot6 medium 1 cup – diced
Cucumber1/2 average size 1 cup – diced
Strawberries – crushed6 oz.175 g1 cup
Clear Honey/Golden syrup/Molasses/Black
12 oz.350 g1 cup
Maple Syrup11 oz.300 g1 cup
Jam/marmalade/jelly8 oz.225 g1 cup
Currants/Sultanas/Raisins6 oz.175 g1 cup
Candied Peel4 oz.115 g1 cup
Almonds – shelled5 oz.150 g1 cup


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