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Different types of sushi, Sushi Terms explained and what ingredients they contain.

plate of sushi


If you have ever been to a sushi bar, you’ll
probably remember being confronted
by a huge selection of sushi types.

When you think of “sushi”, nigiri
is probably the first image that appears in your mind: a hand formed ball of rice
topped with your choice of fish or Japanese
style egg omelette. 

Following that would
probably be a sushi roll, called “maki sushi” in
Japanese. This type of sushi is rolled with a
filling in the centre, usually with nori wrapped
on the outside. A variation of this is “temaki“, a
roll in the shape of
an ice cream cone.

But there are also many other things you can
order from your sushi chef,
such as “Chirashi sushi“. This is a bed of sushi rice
topped with assorted ingredients. 

How about “sashimi“,
where the rice is omitted and only the fish is served? 

And then there’s “oshizushi“,
a box moulded sushi popular in the Kansai region of Japan.

Once you’ve mastered these terms, you’ll have to
decide which toppings
you’d like. Well, that’s a whole other group of terms you’ll need
to learn if you want to sound like an expert. 

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