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Money short or you get unexpected guests, here are some handy hints on how to make ingredients go a bit further.


Make them into an omelette or scramble them adding vegetables, cheese and/or poultry.
Fish Cut up, stir-fry with vegetables or mix with spicy rice
Noodles Add leftover vegetables and diced meats.
Mince Add breadcrumbs, grated courgette, carrot, and/or marrow. Rice, pasta, onion, green pepper, dried peas, beans or lentils.
Fill cannelloni tubes with a mince mixture.
Put mince mixture into a pie dish and top with mashed potatoes.
Make pancakes, fill with mince mixture and roll up.
Make circles out of pastry, put mince mixture in centre, brush edges with egg or milk and fold over (in half form a semi-circle).   Bake in oven.
  Fry onion, add mince, add boiling water, stock and then to thicken add some porridge oats (oatmeal).  These oats absorb the flavours of the gravy and take on the same consistency of the meat, also adding an interesting nutty taste.  It also reduces the amount of meat required.

Natalie Gage sent in this tip.


Useful mince recipes.

Meatloaf Add one or more of the following - Breadcrumbs, rice, rolled oats, shredded carrots, hard boiled eggs.
Ice Cream Add fruit, sauce, cereal topping.
Soups Add vegetables, pasta, pulses, tofu, sour cream, barley, yoghurt.
Salad Add some meat, fish, pulses, pasta, vegetables or hard-boiled eggs.
Steak Dice and stir-fry with vegetables.
Grill on skewer with vegetables.
Stews Add  creamed corn, vegetables, dried peas or lentils.
Green Pepper Stuff with rice and leftovers.
Chilli Add one or more of the following - beans, rice, spaghetti and/or sweetcorn.

Missing an ingredient find a substitute, answers for common culinary disasters; other useful kitchen hints and tips plus useful information, .


Sarah Nicholson sent in the following useful advice -


If available in your area, take advantage of online or telephone grocery shopping, particularly for bulky or heavy items.  Often the delivery charge can be reduced or eliminated if you choose certain time slots and spend over a certain amount. 


Try doing a big order once or twice a month for all the non-perishable items that you regularly buy, such as dried, canned and frozen food, long-life milk and juice, toilet rolls, washing powder, cleaning products, soft drinks and dairy foods (these have surprisingly long sell-by dates). 


Buy extra if anything you regularly use is on special offer.  This route also has the advantage that you will not be tempted to spend more by buying extras you see in the store.  


Even if a delivery service is not available in your area, you can adopt the same principle for a monthly supermarket trip, roping in the family to help.  Then you only need to do a quick 10-15 minute shopping raid once or twice a week for fresh items and those you want to choose yourself.





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