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4 Tips to keep the kitchen safe whilst cooking – kitchen safety tips


4 Tips to Keep
the Kitchen Safe While Cooking

Did you know one
of the leading causes of home fires and injuries occur in the kitchen?
The consequences of having a fire in the home can be devastating. Not
only for the financial repercussions, but for something far more serious
– personal injury or even death.

Spending time in
the kitchen should be fun and relaxing. However, it is also a time of
making responsible choices to help keep it a safe place for you and
your family.

The first tip
is to be alert and awake when operating kitchen

From cooking
a complex recipe for stuffed duck, to making an espresso on a stovetop
using an Italian espresso maker our attention is always required.
This may seem like a common sense statement, but even drinking moderate
amounts of alcohol, can alter one’s judgment while using kitchen equipment.
Simple routine tasks can be easily overlooked, such as turning off
all burners when finished using the stove.

stovetop coffee pot

If you
are tired when cooking, put on some music or open some windows to
help stay alert. If you have to walk away from the kitchen while your
dinner is in the oven, make sure to set a timer. This will help in
case you become distracted with a phone call, TV show or accidentally
fall asleep on the couch.

The second tip
is to keep flammable objects away from any heat sources such as ovens
or stoves. 

man holding burning paper Such objects could be the evening newspaper, note pads,
paper towels, pot holders, or even wooden spoons. 

Be mindful of open
windows and fans since these can easily blow light objects towards
the hot stove.


The third tip
is dealing with the issue of children in the

Children in
their excitement can easily run through the kitchen and knock a hot
pan off the stove or a hot dish off the table. Very young children
such as toddlers are always exploring and grabbing whatever they can
find – this includes frying pans. 

Never let the handles of your cookware
on the stove be within reach of any child. Such objects can cause
serious burns and head trauma.

toddler trying to open chest freezer

Make sure to keep
your kitchen a kid free zone at all times. To help children understand
the seriousness of this issue, have them help you determine a good
kid free zone area. Then together, mark the zone with tape on the
floor. Doing this simple exercise together will help them accept the
new rule, rather than resist it.

The fourth tip
is to never carry a grease fire from a pan to the kitchen

hot pan and ladle Often
in our minds, we think water is what will put out a fire.

in this case, put on a mitt to protect your hand and put the lid on
the pan to prevent any further oxygen from feeding the fire. 

the stove off and leave the pan alone until it has completely cooled. 


As your children become older and begin to help in the kitchen, practice
these safety rules by acting them out in kitchen fire drills. This
way should a fire occur, you and your children will know what to do.

Whether preparing
breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night dessert, these four tips are
important to keeping your kitchen a safe and hazard free area.


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