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How to cook basics such as rice and chicken simply but perfectly.


If you have seen the page on cooking eggs, you will know that a Mr.
Michael Paterson kindly sent in lots of information on how to cook basics easily but
perfectly.  Here are a few more of this recipes –


The secret of good rice is to place it in a sieve and wash it
thoroughly under the cold tap, rubbing with the fingers until all the excess starch has
gone and the water runs clear.  Allow the rice to drain before putting it in a pot.
  1 cup of rice to 1.1/5 cups of water, varying the amount of water slightly
depending upon its origin.  American rice requires a little more water, Asian a
little less.  Do not salt.

One cup of raw rice makes 1.1/2 cups of cooked rice, which will feed
two people.

  • Put a cup rice into a pot with 1.1/5 cups of water and bring  to
    boil on a high heat.

  • Boil for one minute.

  • Turn heat to lowest heat, cover pot tightly with lid.
  • Let cook 15 minutes without uncovering.

  • Remove from heat and let stand, still covered for 10 minutes.

If left covered rice will stay hot and moist for up to one hour.

Store leftovers in a fridge, covered.

  • To fry when cool, heat oil to near smoking in skillet.
  • Add cold rice, turn constantly.

  • To reheat as boiled rice, break up lumps.
  • Add 1 tablespoon cold water for each cup of cooked rice.
  • Cover, simmer 15-20 minutes on low heat.
  • Do not lift lid or stir until ready to serve.


This is the simplest way known to cook chicken, so
simple it is difficult to believe it works, but it does!  The result is plain meat
which can be seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and eaten with Chicken Sauce, used for
salads and picnics, or simmered as slices or chunks in other dishes or sauces.  It is
ideal for invalids or people on diets.  The skin turns a grey colour and may be
removed if unpleasing to the eye.  Services 2-4 people.

This recipe uses a 3 1/2 lb. fryer chicken (NOT FROZEN)

  • To measure the amount of water required, put chicken
    in a large pan and cover with water.

  • Remove chicken.

  • Bring water to the boil, put chicken back in the pan
    and bring water back to the boil.

  • Cover, turn heat off, leave 1 hour.

Chicken is now completely cooked, all fat removed.

Do ensure chicken is completely cooked (i.e. all juices
are colourless) before eating.


Thanks to Mr. Michael Paterson for
all these recipes – check out our other pages  e.g. if you need
to know how to cook eggs perfectly every