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by Jessica Ackerman at www.WallDecorandHomeAccents.com 

Red kitchens invoke feelings of passion, hunger and remind us of many beautiful and delicious red foods. Strawberries, apples, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, wine and tomatoes are all rich, delicious and wonderful inspiration for developing a fantastic red color scheme for your kitchen.

kitchen with red walls and white cabinets Red can work with many styles; it balances nicely with the smooth woods and natural surfaces of contemporary design, it makes country cottage details pop, it adds a juicy, fun element to modern designs and it is a crucial hue to many European and Latin American styles. Red is a bold color, if you’re anxious about creating an entire scheme based on red you can ease into bold kitchen color by adding splashes of red with your finishing touches, appliances and decorative accessories. 

Red and White = Perfect Together

Nothing sets off a bright, bold red like pure, snowy white. Accent red walls with white appliances, cabinets and storage furnishings to make a small kitchen feel spacious, even with a daring wall color.

Modern looks that use red as a dominant color can feel industrial and slick without feeling cold or impersonal. White keeps the look fresh and simple, and keeps the red from becoming overwhelming. 

kitchen with red cabinets

Red Gives Cottage Style Punch

cottage shabby chic kitchen with red accents

Cottage style, especially shabby chic styles, usually depends on soft, pastel colors. Using a bold red as an accent color to sunny yellow or crisp apple green can keep the shabby chic feel with a more adventurous palette. 

Balance the overall scheme with neutrals like white, light woods, pale browns or cool, soft gray.

Bring nature inside by creating decorative accents from garden fresh veggies, sassy crimson flower arrangements and luscious, ripe fruit. As a benefit, the lovely edible pieces of your décor make excellent healthy snacks for the family. 

Red Can Be Sleek

High gloss red is a perfect match for an ultra modern, industrial kitchen. Matched with stainless steel, red can add a restaurant-like feel when used correctly. 

Red appliances, red glass tile and pop art pieces dripping with red can all add shine and personality to a sleek and efficient red kitchen. 

red glossy kitchen

Red Makes a Wonderful Backdrop

kitchen with red walls, kitchen appliances and accessories No other wall color will add as much drama and passion to your modern or black and white art collection than red. Red draws the eye to the wall and then focuses it on whatever is prominently displayed. 

While a decorator needs to diligently ensure pieces don’t clash or compete with the dominant red color, adding splashes of yellow, green, black and even shades of purple can look great with red in the right amounts. 

Red can be a powerful and fun color to use in a kitchen, and the possibilities for building your design plan around it are endless. Don’t be afraid to play with bold, dynamic colors in your kitchen. The results may really surprise you. 




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