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Pink kitchen accessories for cooks who care – buy pink kitchen accessories and help breast cancer.

Pink Kitchen Accessories
for Cooks Who Care

Pink kitchen accessories are becoming a hot new trend for any modern woman’s
kitchen. After all, there is nothing more feminine than a kitchen that is
all decked out in shades of cotton candy, hot pink and fuchsia. But a pink
kitchen is more than just pretty – it is practical, functional and can be
charitable as well.

Think Pink for Your Kitchen

There are a variety of pink accessories available to the girly chef and it
isn’t hard to find them. Everything from pink can openers to pink kitchen
appliances, cutlery and dishtowels are widely available at most major online
and offline retailers.

It seems pink kitchen items have also gone retro. These days you can find
every era represented in pink kitchen accessories and they are a welcome
change to more modern kitchen design themes.

pink kitchen accessories

Pink Kitchen Items Make Cooking Fun

One particularly popular new product is a hot pink folding chopping board.
Why use your old white plastic one when you can chop in style with this much

Also available is a shocking pink colored large kitchen colander that any
woman would love. It is made out of durable steel with a pink enamel finish
and is dishwasher safe. Just think how much better your pasta and veggies
will look draining in this!

Support a Cause with Pink Kitchen Appliances

Purchasing pink
KitchenAid appliances and accessories is also a wonderful
way to support breast cancer research. KitchenAid, with their
Cook for the
program has already donated nearly 11 million dollars to the Susan
G. Komen For The Cure® Foundation. For every pink product purchased,
KitchenAid donates a portion of their revenue to this very worthy cause.

breast cancer ribbonIf you are an “all things vintage” lover, The Typhoon Company has loads of
adorable vintage pink kitchen accessories.

This company also donates money
to cancer research with 10% of their profits being donated to the National
Breast Cancer Foundation. By purchasing pink, you too can join the battle to
fight this insidious disease.

Some of the products that stood out were their
Vintage Pink Tea and Sugar Caddies and also their Vintage Pink Pasta and
Coffee Canisters.

There is no denying that pink kitchen tools are fashionable and fun but they
can also have greater benefits. Not only can they make your time in the
kitchen easier and more efficient, but you can feel good knowing that a
portion of your purchase went towards breast cancer research and offering
support to women around the world.


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