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The Need for More Storage

kitchen design As more and more activities are centred on the kitchen besides the preparation of meals the need to make the most of the space has driven a revolution in design resulting in the wholesale replacement of cupboards below the worktop with drawer units.

Many families now use the kitchen as a surrogate office where the household bills and administration are dealt with, even a place for a home-based business.

Don’t forget to include letter storage and paper drawers.

Make the most of your available space including plinths and ceiling height. Have either a base unit plinth drawer or create a space for heater or fold-away ladder – important when you intend to use the space up to the ceiling.

Double stack wall units so no gaps are left above cupboards.

Sides of base units may be used for pull-out bottle racks and shallow open shelf-storage for glasses.

A good idea is to have a pull-out wire basket for fruit and veg in a corner where it is cooler i.e. away from appliances.

Drawers which are wide and deep and built to take a weight of 60kgs are ideal for pots and pans.

The Magic Corner with its pull-out swivel action allows you to make use of the ‘dead space’ in the corner. Ask for a demonstration – it’s difficult to explain the beauty and shear inventiveness of this development.

Have a look at child-proof lockable baskets for detergents, cleaners, firelighters, caustic soda and bleach.

There are a multiplicity of pull-out trays and bins to choose from.

There is even a pull-out larder unit for a tall cupboard.

Magic Corner

For those who have sufficient room mobile trolley units may appeal as they provide addition work-top space, shelves, built-in baskets and drawers.

kitchen carousel A carousel – a half moon rotary shelf – for corner cupboards may contain rotating baskets, racks for knives, bottle or plates.

Work surfaces are available 750mm deep instead of the standard 600mm which allows for additional space at the back for storage.

To hang up garlic, for example, or cutlery fix baskets to stainless steel rails making full use of wall space

The above ideas just indicate the range of storage options available. Make a list of all the major items you are going to need in your kitchen and then ask your kitchen designer to go through the options, showing you pictures or demonstrating the storage solution in the showroom. This preparatory work is always worth the effort.




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