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Tricks of the Trade used by Kitchen Sellers – Trick 6 – Pressure Selling

Kitchen Buyers Beware!

Tricks of the trade used by
Kitchen Sellers

by Tom McKernan




Some sales consultants will put you under considerable pressure to make a decision NOW. They will give you a variety of reasons why you should not delay, such as the time limited offer, once only deal, etc.

A very effective strategy is to put it directly onto you. They will ask you what is stopping you from buying. They will have an answer for whatever reason you give and put it straight back on
you. What is stopping you from buying now? The idea is to force you into a corner where you have no more reasons to refuse to sign up, NOW. A
clever salesperson will always make you feel guilty for not acceding to their offer. They will make you feel rude and ungrateful for all the effort they have gone to.

The idea with these strategies is to keep you in the showroom with whatever psychological pressure they can apply and get you to sign the contract before you go. They know that if you leave you will probably not come back. They will have lost the sale.  two men arm wrestling

If they are in your home during this process the pressure can be intense because you might be forced into a position where you have to ask them to leave. Nobody likes to be rude to a guest and it is easy to forget during the time you spend with him or her, chatting and laughing, that they are just doing a job and only want your signature on the contract.

mani in hammockNever make a major decision under pressure. Sleep on it and see how you feel the next day. The salesperson is not your friend; the kitchen they are trying to sell you will not disappear should you decide to sleep on your decision.

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