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Tricks of the Trade used by Kitchen Sellers – Trick 5 – Selling up

Kitchen Buyers Beware!

Tricks of the trade used by
Kitchen Sellers

by Tom McKernan




You’ve agreed on the design and the price. You are happy with the kitchen maker and have agreed to buy their kitchen: job done?

· How about appliances? We can get you a great deal?

· What about better drawer systems?

· Have you considered the new silent closers?

· Aluminum toe kicks would look much nicer.

· You should consider up grading to granite.

After all the hard work of negotiating a good price for what you want you feel relieved and elated. This is just the time to tempt you with some special offers and features. You deserve the best after all; you’ve worked hard for your dream kitchen.

These things did not seem so important during the initial sales negotiation so what has changed? What has changed is that the sales person has achieved a good rapport with you; they have made a sale and now feel confident. You have made a major decision and feel good, now trusting of the sales person. Your chequebook will open again. Or will it?

Will you succumb to the pressure or prefer to sleep on the tempting offers and extras?

owns the cheque book?

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the mark-up

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TRICK 5 – Selling

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