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Tricks of the Trade used by Kitchen Sellers – Trick 3 – The Kitchen Sale

Kitchen Buyers Beware!

Tricks of the trade used by
Kitchen Sellers

by Tom McKernan



Kitchen Sale

Unlike clothing, kitchens do not change with the seasons. Fashions might come and go: colours and door styles for instance, but not often. 

Most shops have seasonal sales to get rid of surplus stock. This year’s summer line will not do for next summer so anything left over has to go. Many shops and retail organizations have regular ‘sales’ to stimulate customers’ interest. 

Most of us recognize that this is done on a product rotation basis to keep interest in shopping high. It might be kitchen products this month, bedroom linen next month, bathroom products the following. We know that the only time to buy a particular product is when it is on sale.

man skiing down a graphKitchens are essentially white boxes with colored doors and drawers. This does not change much over the years, and certainly not from month-to-month.

On the other
hand a quiet market reduces a company’s cash flow so a well-advertised ‘sale’ might stir up a bit of interest, after all we all like the idea of a bargain. But with no seasonal stock to get rid of and a limited product range of… kitchens, more kitchens and well … Can there really be a genuine sale? Will the ‘special offer’ really only last until 5 p.m.?

Will you be pressured under the threat that this ‘great deal’ will not be offered again or will you sleep on it, confident that your valuable business will not be really turned away?

You decide.

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TRICK 3 – The
Kitchen Sale

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