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Quick and easy recipes for Japanese food – miso soup and Grilled Salmon Teriyaki


Japanese food is
considered one of the healthiest types of food in the world. It is
generally light and fish based, though with foreign influences, dietary
habits have changed over the years. Try some of these recipes for your
next meal!

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki

For this recipe, you’ll need 4 salmon
fillets and the following for the sauce:

1/2 cup mirin (sweetened rice
cooking wine)

1/4 cup sake (rice wine)

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tbsp sugar.

Simply heat all in a saucepan and stir the
sugar until dissolved.

Continue stirring for 25 minutes over a low
flame to let the flavours come together. 

If you like, thicken with a bit of
cornstarch and water.

Grill the fish on both sides for about 2
minutes, then begin basting each side with the sauce. 

Continue basting and flipping over the fish
until it is done. 

Serve the fish and pour a bit more of the
sauce over it, sprinkling with some toasted sesame seeds. 

To complete the meal, add a side of rice
and miso soup!


Miso Soup

Miso shiru, or miso soup, is a fermented
soy bean soup made from dissolving miso paste in a bonito fish flake and
seaweed stock.

Simply simmer bonito fish flakes and a
piece of kombu seaweed in water for a few minutes. Do not boil. 

Strain the stock and using 2 1/2 cups of
this broth, add 4 tbsp of miso and dissolve.

Add small cubes of firm tofu and finely
sliced green onions right before serving.

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