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Jams, Conserves, Marmalades, (jellies)

Some of the following recipes call for 'heated sugar';  as this term may not be familiar to some I thought this clarification maybe useful:-

How to heat the sugar - put the sugar into a baking tin or stainless steel bowl and place in a moderate oven for about 15 minutes until it feels hot to the touch.  Watch carefully as, if left too long, the sugar will start melting and will eventually caramelize.  Some people leave the oven door ajar whilst carrying out this process.

Why heat the sugar? - if you do not heat the sugar before adding it to the jam it will take longer to return to the boil and will not taste as fresh.

When to add sugar? - as sugar has a hardening effect on some fruits e.g. citrus fruit peel, blackcurrants, and gooseberries they must be thoroughly softened before the sugar is added. If the sugar is added too early, no amount of boiling will soften the rind or skins.

Apricot Conserve

Ingredients-3 1b. under-ripe apricots, 3 1b. sugar, some almonds

Method: Wash, halve, and stone apricots, cover with sugar and allow to stand overnight, next morning, pour off syrup and heat to boiling point, add apricots and simmer very gently 1 to 1 ? hours according to quantity, as the apricot pieces turn clear, remove and put into warm jars, finally pour remaining syrup into jars over apricot pieces, a few almonds may be added if liked, allow to cool, seal jar.

Blackberry Jam


1 1b. blackberries, ? 1b. sugar

Method: Wash berries and remove any stalks, crush in preserving pan and bring slowly to boiling point, simmer about 20 minutes, add sugar and boil rapidly until jam sets, bottle and seal.

Cape Gooseberry Jam


4 1b. cape gooseberries, ? pint water, 4 1b. sugar, juice of 5 lemons

Method: Prepare gooseberries by removing outside husk or covering, and then wash them, bring water, sugar, and lemon juice to the boil, and boil 10 minutes, add prepared gooseberries and continue boiling till a little will set when tested, pour into prepared jars and seal.

Carrot Jam


4 medium-sized carrots, 3 lemons, 3 pints water, 4 1b. sugar

Method: Grate carrots (if old, dispense with centre), cut lemons very finely, add to carrots and leave all in water overnight, boil till tender about 1 ? hours, then add sugar and boil till jelly sets when tested, pour into prepared jars and seal when cold.

Cherry Jam


1 1b. Kentish cherries, 1 1b. sugar, 1 gill water

Method: Remove stones from cherries, boil sugar and water 10 minutes, add fruit and cook till the syrup will jell, bottle, seal.

Cumquat Conserve


1 1b. cumquats, water, salt, 1 1b. sugar

Method: Wash fruit and cover with water, adding a handful of salt, cook gently till tender, drain water off, cover with fresh water and stand overnight, drain well next morning, make syrup with sugar and just enough water to moisten, bring to boil, add fruit and boil quickly till it jells (about 1 hour), the jam should be watched carefully or it may boil over, bottle, seal.

Fig Conserve


6 1b. sugar, 1 ? breakfast cups or 3 gills cold water, ? breakfast cup or 1 ? gills vinegar, 6 1b. figs

Method: Boil sugar, water, and vinegar 10 minutes, add prepared figs and boil until jells, bottle, seal.

Grape Jam


6 1b. muscatel grapes, ? pint water, 4 ? crystal sugar, 2 level teaspoons citric acid

Method: Wash and weigh grapes and place in preserving pan with water, boil till tender, add heated sugar, boil gently, and just before it jells, add citric acid, bottle, seal.

Grapefruit Jam


1 large grapefruit, 2 pints boiling water, 2 1b. sugar

Method: Remove pips from fruit and slice it very finely, place in pan, add boiling water, cover, and stand overnight, simmer till tender (about 45 minutes), add sugar and boil quickly till it jells, bottle, seal.

Grapefruit and Orange Jam


2 1b. grapefruit, 2 1b. navel oranges, 12 1b. sugar, 15 pints very hot (not boiling) water

Method: Remove pips from fruit, finely slice it and pour over it the hot water, allow to stand overnight, boil slowly till tender (about 2 hours), add heated sugar and boil quickly till it jells (about 1 hour), stand 10 minutes or longer before bottling, seal.

Apple and Orange Jam


1 lemon, 4 navel oranges, 10 breakfast cups water, 4 granny smith apples, 6 1b. sugar

Method: Remove pips from lemon and oranges and slice them, pour on water and allow to stand overnight, in the morning peel and core apples, slice them thinly and add to oranges and lemon, boil 1 hour, add heated sugar, put skins and cores into a little water and boil to a jelly; strain and add to jam and cook till it jells, bottle, seal.

Nectarine Jam


1 1b. dried nectarines, 4 pints water, 4 1b. sugar, juice of 2 lemons

Method: Wash nectarines and soak for 24 hours in the water, boil about 30 minutes, add heated sugar and juice of lemons, boil another 30 minutes or until it will set when tested, bottle, seal.



Loganberry Jam

Ingredients-1 1b. loganberries, 1 1b. sugar

Method-Pick berries over, removing any stalks, weigh, then wash very gently, place in preserving pan, crushing a few to draw sufficient juice before cooking, bring slowly to boil and cook 10 to 15 minutes, add sugar, boil rapidly till a little will set when tested on a saucer, pour into hot jars and seal.

Melon and Lemon Jam


6 1b. melon, 4 ? sugar, 1 ? pints water, 6 lemons

Method: Peel, seed and cut melon into blocks; weigh and put into a bowl, add half the sugar and the water and allow to stand overnight, simmer till melon is soft (about 2 hours), add balance of sugar and when dissolved boil rapidly till a good colour and consistency are obtained, lemon juice and grated rind should be added when the melon is soft, pour into hot jars and seal.

NOTE: A medium-sized pineapple, 6 oz. of preserved or whole ginger and a cup of passionfruit pulp may be added instead of the lemons.

Orange Jam


3 large navel oranges, 3 pints hot water, 3 1b. sugar

Method: Wash oranges and cut into thin slices, add hot water and soak overnight, next day boil gently with the lid on till tender, add heated sugar and continue boiling till it jells, allow to stand till partly cold, pour into heated jars, and seal.

Peach Conserve


6 1b. ripe peaches, 4 ? 1b. sugar, 1 quart water

Method: Peel and stone peaches and cut into large pieces, make syrup by boiling sugar and water 10 minutes, add prepared fruit and cook till it sets, pour into heated jars, and seal.

NOTE: For plum and apricot jam allow one pound of sugar to one pound of fruit.

Plum Jam


3/4 1b. sugar (or more according to type of plums), 1 1b. plums

Method: Wash plums, removing stones if possible, cook with a little of the sugar until fruit is tender, add remaining sugar, when sugar is dissolved, cook rapidly till right consistency, pour into heated jars and seal.

Quince Jam


1 pint water and 1 1b. sugar to 1 large quince, a number of quinces

Method: Wash and wipe quinces, slice thinly, removing cores, simmer cores in some of the water, add all the water to the fruit and bring slowly to the boil, continue boiling gently till quinces are soft and just turning pink, add sugar and boil till the syrup, when tested, will jell, bottle and seal in usual way.

Rosella Jam

Method-Separate bulbs from red leaves, put bulbs in saucepan and cover with cold water, boil till a good pink (les than 1 hour), strain, reject the pulp, put liquid into saucepan and add the red fruit (leaf), boil about 15 minutes, measure it and allow 1 cup sugar to 1 cup liquid, boil till it jells (about 20 to 30 minutes) testing frequently, bottle and seal in usual way.

Rhubarb and Fig Jam


6 1b. rhubarb, 6 1b. sugar, 1 1b. dried figs

Method: Wash rhubarb and cut into 1 inch pieces, cover with half the sugar and allow to stand overnight, next day, add the finely cut figs and remainder of the sugar and boil until it jells, bottle and seal in usual way.

NOTE: This jam thickens considerably after cooling.

Shaddock Jam


1 large or 2 medium-sized shaddocks, 15 pints water, 15 1b. sugar

Method: Cut shaddocks finely or put through mincer, pour water over and allow to stand overnight, boil till tender (1 ? to 2 hours), heat sugar and add to fruit, cook about 1 hour, or till it jells.

Tomato Jam


8 1b. tomatoes, 6 lemons, 7 1b. sugar, 1 ? oz. grated ginger

Method: Cut tomatoes into slices and peel lemons as thinly as possible and cut into shreds, squeeze lemon juice and add with sugar and ginger to tomatoes, boil all together till sufficiently thick, bottle and seal as usual.

Tomato and Pineapple Jam


6 1b. tomatoes, salt, 1 large pineapple, 4 ? 1b. sugar, 1 teaspoon tartaric acid or juice 3 lemons

Method: Remove skin from tomatoes by immersing them in boiling water, cut into large pieces, sprinkle with salt and stand overnight, pour liquor off tomatoes and peel and grate the pineapple, boil both gently till pineapple is quite tender, add heated sugar and boil quickly 30 minutes, add tartaric acid or lemon juice just before it jells, bottle and seal in usual way.

Banana Jam

Cut up 2 cups of ripe bananas, 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Place all in saucepan, stir and heat gently until thickens. place in jars while hot. Makes 3 medium jars of jam

Melon & Lemon/Lime Jam

Ingredients: 3 kg Melon,  2 kg Lemon/lime , 4 kg sugar, 2 ltr water. 

Method: Peel and de-seed the melon and dice it finely. Place it in a bowl with the sugar and leave for twelve hours. Place the lemon/lime and the water in a cooking pot and cook (a gas wok burner is best) until the lemon/lime is "soft" and to a degree translucent. Add more water if necessary. Add the melon/sugar mixture to the hot and softened lemon/lime and bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar is fully dissolved. Simmer/reduce in the open cooking pot until the jam is set. Jar and seal immediately.

Cumquat Marmalade


A quantity of cumquats, boiling water, sugar

Method: Cut fruit up finely, put pips into a cup and cover with boiling water, cover fruit with boiling water (allow 3 cups water to each cup fruit), allow to stand overnight, add liquid from pips, bring to boil and boil nearly 1 hour, stirring occasionally, add 1 cup sugar to each cup of mixture, boil till it jells when tested on a cold plate, bottle immediately, seal, label and date jars.

Apple Jelly


Slightly under-ripe apples, sugar (one cup for each cup of juice)

Method: Wash and wipe apples, slice, and just cover with water, boil gently for about 45 minutes or until soft, allow to stand till cold, first strain through colander, then through jelly bag or flannel, measure out one cup of sugar to each cup of juice, add sugar to juice, when quite dissolved, boil rapidly till it jells (removing scum as it rises to the top), pour into hot jars, seal and label.

Blackberry Jelly


1 1b. apples, 3 1b. blackberries, ? pint water, sugar (one cup for each cup of liquid)

Method: Wash and cut apples roughly, wash berries, place fruit in a saucepan with water and cook till set, strain through butter muslin, allow one cup of sugar to each cup of liquid and boil quickly till it jells.

NOTE: Loganberries, raspberries, strawberries, dewberries, mulberries, or a mixture of these, may be used instead of blackberries.

Guava Jelly


Guavas, water, sugar (one cup to one cup of liquid), lemons (juice of half a lemon to each 2 cups of liquid)

Method: Wash guavas, remove tops, cover with water and bring to the boil, simmer 2 hours, strain through colander, then through jelly bag, allow one cup of sugar to one cup of liquid, add lemon juice, boil quickly till it jells, bottle and seal.

NOTE: Loquats may be treated in a similar way.



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