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How to select and cook fish and how to be sure fish is fresh and edible

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spoil readily. In fact, changes causing spoilage take place more rapidly in
fish than in any other food.

Tests for freshness are:-

  • Flesh firm and elastic.
  • Eyes bright, not sunken.
  • Gills not much discoloured.
  • Scales somewhat firmly attached,
    not very easily removed.
  • Odor fishy but not disagreeable. 
    Decomposition can often be recognized by the odor of the fish or by
    the test of laying the fish in water. Those that sink may be
    considered undecomposed and wholesale; those that float, unfit for
  • Also, if the eyes have lost their
    sheen or the cornea is cloudy, or if the meat is so soft that when
    pressed the indentation of the finger remains, it should be
    considered unfit for food.

Because fish contains only a small amount of connective tissue, it is not
tough and may be baked or broiled in an uncovered pan like tender cuts of

may be cooked in water.  To prevent it from falling apart, it may be
tied loosely in cheesecloth.


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