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Economic Shopping – a guide to buying on a budget, home economics.


following is an extract taken from a new publication called “
” which reintroduces readers to all of our Grandparents
thrifty tips, advice, delicious recipes, money-saving, time-saving

This is
the art – and, more importantly – the science of housekeeping, more
relevant then ever before in these cash-strapped times.

  • Avoid items put in fancy
    packaging e.g. spices and nuts in small, glass jars.
  • Buy in large packages except
    when the food may deteriorate if the package stands open.
  • Remember that uncooked foods
    are always less expensive than the ready cooked.
  • Know the prevailing market
    prices and quality of foods that you wish to purchase.
  • Avoid handling food. 
    Fresh fruit and vegetables, such as pears, plums and tomatoes,
    may be bruised and will spoil
  • Remember that out-or-season
    foods are always expensive.
  • Make a study of sizes, brands
    and grades in order that you may get the best value for money.
  • Do not follow fads or fancies
    in foods.  Always choose foods that provide the most
  • Remember to satisfy aesthetic
    demands too.  Food must be enjoyed in order to be
    thoroughly digested.


publication maybe small but it contains a wealth of useful information: a

practical guide to keeping house and home together on a budget and making
the most of what you have without spending a fortune.

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charming, practical advice speaks to each and every home maker and combined
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