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A variety of uses for Citrus Rind




sliced lemon


  • Make a bird feeder by placing a mixture of fat and
    birdseed in an empty grapefruit or orange half, suspend the rind cup by string from a

  • Blackened aluminium saucepans can be cleaned by
    boiling water and citrus rinds in them.  Any remaining stain can be removed with a
    steel wool pad.

  • Add citrus peel to tea leaves while they are brewing
    or put several small strips and a tea bag into a cup with some boiled water.

  • After carrying out dirty chores press nail tips into
    the pithy side of a lemon rind to clean them.

  • Citrus rinds added to simmering cinnamon and cloves
    will make your home smell lovely.

  • Small string or muslin bags filled with orange or
    lemon peel can be placed in drawers or cupboards

  • Rub lemon rind over cutting boards to clean and
    deodorise it.

  • Add some dried citrus rinds the fire to give off a
    spicy fragrance.

  • Orange peel scattered on flower beds deters cats.