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Explanations for some basic kitchen terms, what they mean and how it is done.

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Why is it always assumed we know the basics – just
in case you don’t here are a few –

Pastry  –  When a
specifies a certain weight of pastry this refers to the amount of flour used in the pastry
NOT the combined weight of all the ingredients.  Therefore, 4oz. of pastry would be
pastry made with 4oz of flour.

Dropping consistencyWhen a small amount
of the mixture will fall from the spoon if gently shaken.

Soft Dropping Consistency – When a little of
the mixture drops from the spoon by itself when the spoon is tipped.

Stiff Dropping Consistency – The spoon has
to be shaken more vigourously before the mixture drops.

Whisk to soft peaks – This is when egg
whites are whisked and when the whisk is lifted out of the bowl the egg whites form little
peaks which droop slightly.

Whisk until stiff The egg whites are
whisked until they reach a consistency whereby when the whisk is lifted out of the bowl
the egg whites stand in peaks.   When this is done sufficiently the bowl can be
turned upside down and the egg whites remain inside the bowl.  This
can, however, prove very messy if they have not been whisked enough.

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Explanations of other commonly used
cookery terms are listed alphabetically on the following pages:-

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