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How to cook a great steak on the BBQ – cuts to choose, how to marinate and cook.

How to Cook a Great Steak on the BBQ

 from Outdoor Heating Guide

man cooking at a barbecue with dog watchingCooking the perfect steak indoors is easy. Once you learn the right heat to use and the length of time to let it cook, you will be able to reproduce a great tasting, perfectly cooked steak every time. 

However, grilling the perfect steak outdoors is a little more challenging because the heat of your grill can vary greatly from one BBQ to the next. 

Here are some tips about how to cook a great steak on the BBQ to help you overcome this challenge.

1. Start with the right cut of meat. It’s impossible to create a great tasting steak on the grill if the meat you start out with is stringy or

Choose a cut that is graded Choice or above by the USDA and which is well-marbled with fat for maximum

Sirloin and rib-eye are two good cuts to use for barbequing.

2. Marinate well. Let your steak marinate for a few hours or overnight in your favorite BBQ sauce or spice blend. Taking your time with the marinade will ensure a much more flavorful steak.

3. Get your grill hot. The most flavorful steaks are the ones that have been cooked for the shortest amount of time possible for them to be done. To achieve this, use the hottest grill that you can without burning the meat. 

4. Test if it’s done. One of the marks of an experienced griller is a feeling for when a cut of meat is done. Although you can cut into the meat to test if it is cooked enough, doing so too often will allow the juices and tenderness to escape. 

A good non-intrusive test for whether a steak is done is to poke it gently with your hand or with a cooking implement. It should have about as much give to it as the ball of your hand. Once the meat has reached this consistency, you can cut into it to see if it is cooked to perfection.

5. Let it rest. Don’t serve a steak straight off the grill. Allow it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to let the flavor really sink in.

This will help you serve your guests an amazing steak from the BBQ every

steak on a plate with chips and tomato