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Essential bakeware for a well stocked kitchen, a list of useful baking tins to get you started.

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Essential Bakeware for a Well-Stocked

Cookware Consumer Guide

When stocking a kitchen,
many people put a lot of thought into buying the right pots and pans, but
totally forget about
bakeware until they realize they don’t have the
right cake pan or muffin tin for their recipes. 
Here are some of the most popular baking pans and accessories that
you’ll need to get started.

Cookie Sheets

Cookie sheets are
an essential part of the kitchen, because they are so very flexible. 
Not only are they used to turn out your favorite Tollhouse
Cookies and Snickerdoodles, but they also provide a drip-proof oven
shelf for reheating pizza or broiling steaks. 
Having two sheets allows you to finish your baking quickly
and effectively.

chef baking

Eight-Inch Cake Pans

Perfect for ever-popular
birthday cakes, eight-inch round cake pans can also be used individually
for brownies, fruit crumbles, or pot pies.

pies and cakes
Pie Pan

lemon meringue, Key Lime – no matter what your favorite flavor,
there is sure to be a pie that you love to eat, and love to bake. 
Make sure that you have a nine-inch pie pan on hand for when
those cravings hit!

Square Pan

Large brownie mixes, bar
cookies, and other delicious goodies are best whipped up in the typical
13x9x2 square pan.  This
useful pan can also double as cookware for dishes such as lasagna and
baked ziti.

Muffin Pan

Who doesn’t love to
wake up to fresh baked corn, blueberry, or bran muffins? 
Not to mention the added bonus of easy-to-bake cupcakes.  A 12-cup muffin pan allows you to make all of these things
and more, without being too large to store efficiently.

These baking essentials
will get you started on the road to having a well-stocked kitchen with all
of the supplies you need for day-to-day cooking and baking.