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Contributed by Richard Maggs, The Cookery Doctor on www.agaliving.com and author of Little Book of Aga Tips



To revive a stale loaf of bread, cut off and discard the end slice, hold the loaf cut side down for a few moments under a running cold tap, and place the loaf in the roasting oven for four minutes
When boiling your kettle, place the spout facing the hotplate lid.  The steam will help keep this area clean and an occasional wipe will be all that is needed to keep it pristine.
To loosen tight screw top preserve jars, simply place inverted on the simmering plate for 30 seconds.  The metal lid will expand and may then be easily twisted off using a cloth.
To clean wax from candlesticks, place on a sheet of cardboard in a tin on the floor of the simmering oven.  The gentle warmth will melt the wax and it will soak into the cardboard.  Buff to a shine with a soft dry cloth.
Place a lemon in the roasting oven for two minutes before squeezing to extract the most juice.

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