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Types of Tea, Oolong, Green, Black and White

loose tea and two cups


Courtesy of www.plentea.com 

Considered one of the world’s oldest hot beverages,
tea has an illustrious
history. Popularly believed to be first discovered before common
era in China, the beverage has now become an essential aspect of
daily life for the majority of the world.

From the Camellia Sinensis and Assamica trees,
leaves and buds are picked
and follow a lengthy production process to produce a variety of
tea types called White, Green, Oolong, and Black.

tea is produced from buds that are well hydrated. During the production process, white tea is not fermented, which
results in a very delicate flavour and pale
appearance. This variety of tea is common
in China.

Young leaves are picked for Green
tea, and the fermentation process is
minimal. This results in a fresh and slightly “grassy” flavour when the tea has been steeped, and a light to dark green
appearance. You will find
China and Japan to be the main producers of Green tea.

is common in Taiwan and southern China. Leaves and buds from the camellia sinensis plant are picked and fermented
partially, resulting in a
dark brown appearance after steeping.

Finally, the most common type of tea in the West is Black.
The name comes from the
appearance of the steeped tea. Because the leaves undergo
a lengthy fermentation process, the steeped tea looks black, hence
the name. India is the main producer of Black tea, but you will also
find it in other countries such as Kenya and Turkey.