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Vacuum Groom Your Pet

Have you thought of vacuuming the hair off your pet before? We've all thought of it, the idea of a quick grooming without the hassle of brushing off hairs from your shirt, however, most pets are outright terrified of the vacuum, and for a good reason. Imagine watching something bigger than you, with flashing headlights, beaming into your eyes while screaming frantically with no end in sight! (Yes, scary indeed!)  scared dog

However, some lucky owners have fought their shedding battles with vacuums. Unfortunately a large percentage of these pets are partially or fully deaf, so the sound of vacuums do not startle them. You do not have to deafen your pet to like your vacuum, instead, try these tips:


Stationary vacuums, while turned off, are less intimidating than vacuums running about the home turned on. Introduce your pet to your vacuum. Leave it in their bedroom, or the living room, so that they can sniff it, smell it, look at it, and overcome their own fears of it.

Peaceful Environment

sleeping dog If pets are already agitated from their surroundings, vacuuming in the middle of it may simply reinforce their fears. Make sure your environment is peaceful before you attempt to vacuum, this will reassure them that vacuuming is a simple part of everyday life.


Treats can motivate an animal to withstand the noise emitted by a vacuum and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of! Give them treats before you groom them with a vacuum brush (while it is not on!) and give them a treat after grooming. This way, you can train your pet to expect a reward for enduring the loud vacuum noise.


cartoon dog dressed in fitness gear

Do not turn on the vacuum at their favorite spot. Instead, opt for a bathroom while the fan is turned on. Your pet may notice that the sound is simply like a bathroom fan (just an appliance). Do not lock the pet in the room until they are fully comfortable with the vacuum and the bathroom. Begin grooming them (with treats) without the vacuum on in the bathroom, since its hard surfaces can be useful for sweeping out hair later.


lady vacuuming Daily habits allow pets to notice that certain things are simply a daily chore. Vacuum several days a week, and if your schedule permits, every day. Make sure that your pet is around to witness the vacuum in action, but allow them areas where they can hide if they feel insecure. Do not run your vacuum at them! Instead, turn your back while vacuuming around your pet. This will allow them to realize that it is not facing them or attacking them in any manner.

Vacuum Type

HEPA vacuums and vacuums with carbon filters make excellent choices for homes with pets. HEPA filtration eliminates the dander stored in your floors and carbon filters eliminates pet odor.


Be sure that the suction will not harm your pet. A great way to test the suction power is on yourself, simply on your palm. Do not attempt to vacuum your pet's face, ears, or sensitive areas, as it can be extremely uncomfortable (and albeit traumatizing) for your furry friend.

Do not attempt to vacuum pets that are too small for the suction, such as gerbils or rats.

Discontinue vacuuming on your pet if you notice bruising or if the pet experiences any kind of pain or discomfort. And remember, listen to your pet! 


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