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How fish and colour can help relieve anxiety and stress and the part played by Feng Shui and colour

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fish and colour can help relieve anxiety and stress

Stress is a big thing in
our lives today. Whether it’s at home from the family, bill worries or at
the office with deadlines and office frictions. 
How can we help combat these stresses and live happier stress free

cat trying to get goldfish out of fish tankAn aquarium offers a
calming distraction with some mental stimulation that can help to calm
the mind, not to mention add a splash of colour along with calming
sights and sounds.  An
aquarium in your home or office can have positive effects on many

According to feng shui
experts, water is a basic element, a beneficial and needed one in the home
or office. In combination with fish, which symbolise prosperity in many life
areas. The word for fish in Chinese “yu” also means success, indicating
in feng shui, that keeping fish attracts success to ones self.

These fish, to attain ones
wish of success and act as a stress buster, must be kept in a clean and
clear environment. The internal balance of life in the aquarium will affect
the surrounding space and bring balance to it. 
An aquarium with life, beauty and flow will bring these properties
into your outer world.

Goldfish are very
important fish in feng shui. These fish in Chinese mythology are descended
from water dragons
which makes them creators of good luck and attract positive
outcomes in any enterprises you may wish to start.

As an example, a round
(which symbolises wholeness) shaped water container with goldfish in
it would be ideal to place at the entrance of any business premises or
new house.

Another good feng shui fish is the arrowana (for large
tanks only) that are known as dragon fish. These fish are available in
gold, silver, red, green and black these fish are endangered in the
wild and can only certified, captive bred
individuals are available these are expensive, but a excellent status
symbol and bringer of luck, if you can afford the high price.

goldfish in bowl

Numbers and colours of
fish are also relevant to bringing different properties according to feng
shui experts. The number nine symbolises the centre or heart and brings
health, so nine fish for example is a
good number for bringing prosperity and health into your home or business,
if more space is available in the tank then multiples of 9 are good. Three
is another good number symbolising creativity, so three fish
will maximise the creativity of those around them. 
Gold coloured fish symbolise energy and good fortune while black fish
symbolise protection and will absorb bad energy. 
A ratio of one black fish and two gold would be the most ideal

As well as fish tanks,
ponds are also relevant when taking into consideration number and colour of

Also wood compliments the
elements of water greatly as water symbolises old age and wood –
birth.  This combination can be very beneficial so a wooden cabinet or
wooden ornament for your tank, or decking for your pond is an excellent way
to incorporate both wood and water together.

In feng shui 
colours can also have great effect so decorate your aquarium in the
your chosen  colour to bring the
results you want. 

is a calming colour and can accentuate an area for contemplation or
meditation like a library or study area.

symbolises hope, vitality and a long life. 
Also lush growth vegetation and annual rebirth are great for family

means truth and virtue and also wards off evil and is life affirming
bringing luck, life, glory, power, and happiness. Good for the on show areas
of ones home.

similar to red, and in combination with red and gold will bring wealth. Has
an association with royalty

White; purity in a
moral and spiritual sense and will maximise the childrens’ area and
creativity zones

Black; is a great
colour for protection and will absorb any negative energy around.

as a combination of red and white it’s good for relationships and romance.

symbolises authority and rank meaning tolerance and acceptance, honesty and
trust will bring out the best in the centre or heart of your home.


is great for attracting wealth and prosperity into your life so another good
colour for the heart of your home.

An office aquarium needs
to be in a prominent position for best results in busting free of those
stress levels, along with a multitude of other additional benefits depending
on how you set your tank up and where you choose to put it. 
Having an aquarium in your home or office space can bring all kinds
of benefits into your lives, wealth, happiness and prosperity are just a few
of them.

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