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Answers to pet and animal related queries raised by site visitors.

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We have received several questions from site
visitors and, I am delighted to say, you have been very successful in providing the
answers for me.  Once these queries have been answered I will post the results in the
relevant areas as I am sure they will be of interest to new visitors.


I bought these and plugged them in –
in the basement and attic where we had the most issues.

I don’t know if it is them — but I
haven’t found on mouse in the house since.  I no longer find even

Marie Hodnett

Toni Chandler has contacted
me with the following information –

My daughter & I recently
got 6 in a pack made by Sunbeam–they

plug in
your wall and transmit a signal over the electrical circuit of the house.
This type makes no audible sound like the original type which travelled on
sound waves and were a total loss to me, didn’t even work on millermoths.
We have 2 per floor with the other 2 in our kennel and basement (MI type).
They work. We purchased them at Big Lots Store. I have seen them in
Heartland catalogs. They now have a more powerful model that one will
cover 1,000 square feet and it has a spare receptacle. We love them
because we don’t have to use insecticides that our cats seem to love. Try
them, if they don ‘t work for you they will give you your money back, no

Tony Scorah 
has been using a plug-in sonic device in his garage to great affect – no
mice or droppings have been seen since installation and he didn’t have to
keep changing the frequency.

I have received
the following from
Cal in response to the above question which I thought you may
find of interest –

“I bought one of those electronic mouse control gadgets and
I had it turned on for about a week. I discovered a nest of mice
DIRECTLY UNDER that contraption.

Needless to say, I threw the gadget in the garbage, post
I also had a visit from some flying squirrels that were
driving me crazy every night, with there scratching, chewing and other
I found a device called “Rat Zapper”. I tried
it and eliminated the squirrel problem. I placed the zapper in my garage
and have eradicated my mouse problem.
With this device, I never have to touch the critters,
just dump them out.
What it is: I use 4 AA batteries, the varmit goes in to
get a bite of the bait I have in there and is electrocuted.
It works, I believe in it BUT…it’s expensive.
I hope I have been some help.”

Q:     Weevils

does anyone know how to get rid of them and stop them coming back

Success again – we have been contacted by Sandra Girard (a health inspector) who has advised as follows:

“If you keep flour,
cornmeal etc. in a cool place such as a refrigerator, the weevils will not hatch out.
  Also, if you have other products that already have weevils they will infest most
grain products;  flour, cornmeal, cereal, rice, spaghetti, etc. so throw these away
immediately.  When grocery shopping look for small holes in the packaging, web like
substance, particularly in flour, or flying moths around shelves etc.  This is a sign
that there is a weevil infestation in the product.

The reason they recur is because
the weevils are already in the product but do not hatch out until the temperature is
optimum for them which is usually the Spring or Summer.  The only solution is to keep
the products cool so that the eggs that are already in the flour etc. do not hatch.  
By the way, these are microscopic and can’t be seen until the insects hatch out.

It may be an idea to wash down
shelves with a solution of bleach and water to sanitize the surface but this will not get
rid of the insects.” 

Thank you for this
information Sandra.

On a personal note, when I
experienced this problem in some flour which had been stored in a plastic container I put
it down to the fact it was kept in a cupboard under which were fitted strip lights above
my work surface.  It is surprising how much heat these lights generate, especially if
left on for any length of time.

To keep mealy moths (and
therefore weevils) out of your grain products put whole bay leaves in each container.
  Several leaves dropped at the back of the shelf won’t hurt either.  The moths
hate the smell of bay leaves and will, therefore, leave the area.  This works for
some species of roaches too.

Thank you Mairi Krausse.

 The next one is
for dog enthusiasts or vets –

I have a white maltese dog
and she has ugly tear stains on her face all the time.  Does anyone know what I can
do to remove the stains and to stop them coming back?”

Answer for
“Bobbie” who, unfortunately did not give me her email address. 
I have received a response to this problem from Rosina Skinner (thanks) apparently
pet stores sell specific products for this, whatever colour the dog.