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How to find the perfect pet sitter – how to choose good dog and pet sitting services

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How to find the Perfect Pet Sitter

Most pets are a cherished member of the
family but there are times when you need to go away without them so how do
you find someone reliable to ensure their needs are taken care of whilst you
are away.

Here are a few suggestions for you to

Friends or relations

The first option is probably the
most obvious – if you are lucky there maybe a relative, neighbour or
friend whom you trust and who would be prepared to take care of your
pet whilst you are away.

Finding such a person can prove far less expensive especially if you
can reciprocate by looking after their pet at a later date.

In addition to that, if your pet
already knows the carer it makes the experience far less stressful
for all concerned.


dog and suitcase

Personal Recommendations

As with most other things, personal
recommendations are one of the best ways to find a suitable and trusted pet
sitter.  Friends, local vets, pet shops and/or charities may know of a
reliable sitter.  It is still important to check out both the facility
and sitter before making any decision.

If you are unable to obtain personal
references then you can check out the more normal resources e.g. internet,
classified directories etc. in order to find pet sitting companies.  In
the UK pet sitting companies have to be licensed so you could contact your
local council to see if they have a list of licensed companies.

When you have found someone you think may be
suitable you should contact them asking for names of some references you can
check out before making your final decision.  It is your responsibility
to ensure all is well before entrusting your much loved pet into their care.


You can arrange for sitters to come to your
home or they can care for it in their own;  this would, of course,
depend on the type of pet involved.  If they are taking the pet to
their house it is a good idea to check to ensure that the environment will
be suitable.

If using a pet sitting business ensure all licences,
forms, insurance and checks are in place before signing a contract and, of
course, read all the small print very carefully.  Check references and

All terms should be made very clear prior to agreement. Check on
the hours of operation, what services the fees include, like feeding, walking, playing, grooming and
training and this applies to both home or boarding services.

pet sittingDiscuss what should be done in the
event of an emergency.

If your
pet is on any medication check that the sitter in question has
experience of administering medication to animals and make sure your
contract encompasses your pet’s needs in this regard.

When selecting anyone to care for a pet, it
is a good idea to take your pet to meet them and to have a trial run before leaving town.
It is also wise
to have a backup plan just in case something comes up that
prevents the pet sitter from caring for your pet.

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