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Tips on how to make giving medicine and tablets to pets that much easier

vet with child holding cat

Tips on Administering
Medicine to



To stop a cat wriggling when giving
medication, place it on your chest and remove hands so it has to hold on
with its claws.

An alternative method is to wrap the animal
tightly in a towel.  Hold its head back and place the medication at
the back of its throat.   Hold nostrils together for a short
time to ensure the pill is swallowed.

An excellent hint for dog and cat owners having to force feed
medicine to an unwilling patient. After you have medicated your pet and held the jaw
closed with the hope the animal will swallow it, partially release the animal’s muzzle.
  If he licks his lips, never fear, the medicine is swallowed and you can let go.
  If he doesn’t lick his lips immediately, hold his muzzle closed again.  The
little “so and so” is just biding his time to spit or foam the medicine out.

Dogs and cats reflexively lick their lips after swallowing
medication – I learned this from an old country vet.

Thank you for
sharing this with the rest of us Jill Swigart

butter on the tablet helps and also holding the animals head in a vertical
position with jaw held closed.  This means they have not choice but to
swallow and the pill slips down easily.

Completely cover a tablet with meat or fish
paste.  The smell masks the medicine and the dog thinks of it as a
treat.  If your dog loves to catch then turn it into a game by making
your dog catch the ball of meat paste.  Too late to register the fact
they have taken their medicine.

Warning – do not give dogs chocolate as this
is harmful – unless it is made especially for dogs.

to Lynn Taylor-Danzey for this tip