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Pet Insurance Pitfalls – what you should look out for in the small print when taking out pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Pitfalls –
What To Look Out For

Insurance! I know, not the most interesting of subjects is it? It’s one of
those things that we are only ever grateful for if something pretty horrible
happens. It gets worse if that horrible thing happens and you’re not covered
as you thought you were. So here are a few pieces of information you’ll want
to keep in mind when you’re looking for pet insurance.

When you
compare pet insurance it’s worth remembering that price shouldn’t be at
the top of your list because when you come to claim you could find out
you’ve got less cover than you thought.

Lifetime vs. Limited Time

sleeping dogThere’s something strange to pet insurance, which is somewhat hidden to the
new pet insurance customer. It’s called ‘claims basis’. Depending on the
policy you choose, you could have a timer ready to start from your first

That’s right – if you make a claim on a policy with a 12 month time
limit, you’ll only have that amount of time to sort out that particular
incident and if it recurs after that time, you’re not covered. That’s a
‘per condition with a time limit’ policy.

As you can probably gather this
type of cover is quite basic and there could be many occasions where you
wouldn’t be able to claim.

At the other end of the scale is
lifetime pet insurance where your quoted vet fee cover renews every year
as long as you renew your policy. This type of policy can be more expensive
but does provide the more comprehensive cover.

Ageism is Rife

Like with humans, as your pet starts to age you might need to pay even
closer attention to the small print. Some insurers can sting you with an
additional percentage charge on top of your normal excess once your pet is a
certain age (around 7+ years old). Take a look through the policy document
to check where you stand on this – or ask the insurer.

Switchers & Twitchers

As a society we seem to be getting less loyal and more willing to ‘jump
ship’. With some products and services, changing from one to another is very
straight forward.

When it comes to pet insurance it’s not all black and
white. Switching companies has its pros and cons. If you switch when you’ve
already had a claim, you will not be able to claim for that condition again
at the new company.

That’s not a problem if you have a time limit on further
claims which has run out (as mentioned earlier) but if you don’t then it’s
worth thinking twice about a switch.

person feeding dog

If you haven’t claimed on your pet insurance yet and your pet is relatively
young it might be worth switching, especially if you find a policy with more
beneficial cover for your pet.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm
Best Policy

It’s best to know about these important parts of insurance so that you can
be prepared when something does happen. Starting before you insure your pet
is the best way to ensure you put yourself in the best position to care for
your pet while keeping an eye on your wallet.

If you already have insurance I hope this has inspired you to check whether
you have the right policy for you and your pet’s needs.

Comparing the top insurers is a pretty good idea but comparing the right
parts of a policy is crucial.

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