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close up of horses eye

10 tips 

on keeping your horse fly free and comfortable

Presented by Global Herbs

1. In the spring prepare your horse for the summer’s flies by building up its body’s defences with flax oil and a good mineral supplement. Also add each day a little black salt as this may help with skin comfort. 

2. If your horse is not itching but has trouble with horse flies and biting insects use a feed supplement containing plant extracts which are digested and pass through the skin to create a protective shield which lasts all day. Even though the taste of the supplement is quite strong horses usually eat it quite readily and flies really hate the after effects. Garlic has been used traditionally in this role but a blend of plant extracts is generally much more effective. Consult a veterinary herbalist if you wish to know more.

3. Best to use the supplement on all the horses in a stable as flies tend to go onto those horses which smell more attractive.

4. The supplement works in a day or so and also helps sooth fly bites and slightly itchy skin. It works well with horse fly sheets which are stocked in stable shops. Horse fly sheets keep horses cool and comfortable.

5. If you horse is itching use a soothing herbal mixture in spring and summer. There are several different formulations to choose from ranging from a severe itch formula to a classic mix for everyday use and a much weaker one for fussy feeders.

6. Best to start one month before itching usually occurs but you can start at any time during the season. Excellent with Boett Rugs or other similar good products.

7. Do not use sprays or strong chemicals at all if humanly possible. DEET is very short acting at low concentrations and horses pick up chemicals when they groom each other.

8. For small difficult areas of skin apply itch cream straight away. You don’t need much. For bites use a bite cream.

9. If your horse is extremely sensitive consider a Boett rug or move him / her if it’s practicable to a less fly ridden location.

10. Sensitive horses should be in protective stabling at the worst times of the day – for midges it’s morning and evening. However, if you are using a fly free feed formula the smell will build up nicely in the stable.


Help with horse itch available at www.sweet-itch.org


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