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Dog Hints
and Tips



From April 2016, all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales will
need to be microchipped by law
, and it will be the owner’s
responsibility to ensure that all of their contact information is kept
accurate and up-to-date. Compulsory microchipping has been in place in
Northern Ireland since 2012. More information on all aspects of dog
microchipping and this new law can be found in this

comprehensive guide.

I recently received
a warning about the potential danger to dogs of some Cocoa Mulch.  It
would appear that there could be an element of truth in this warning so care
should be taken when using this product – more details including expert
opinion can be seen

keep stray dogs out of the garbage sprinkle on top the dogs wont go
near they don’t like the smell.

Gail Stamp

To keep dogs
from digging holes fill the hole half way, put some bleach in, fill
the rest of the way and top off with some more bleach.

Gail Stamp

“Vick” spread on wooden furniture stops
puppies chewing (and people visiting!!!)
For young puppies in a new home, place a warm hot water bottle
under a blanket and a radio or clock for company.


To hold a dog still while bathing, use a rope or
nylon lead and attach to bath taps.  Mind you if you have a large dog be careful
it doesn’t pull the taps off the bath!!!
If your dog is a persistent “barker”, fill an empty
washing up liquid bottle (or similar squeezy bottle) with water.  When dog barks
squirt water at head and say “No” firmly.  This should stop it in it’s
To reprimand bad behaviour growl at a dog rather
than hitting it.
To stop dogs pinching food off work tops, attach empty tins etc. to
a piece of “decoy” food  when the dog tries to take it, the noise will
frighten it.
Dilute dog shampoo with water in an empty squeezy
bottle, this way it lasts longer and goes through the coat easier.  Start at
shoulders and work backwards, leaving the head until last as it is this area which makes
them shake.
To ease an upset stomach, put a little warm live yoghurt and a drop
of honey into bowl and this will help line the stomach.
Spayed bitches can “leak” and smell.
  A pinch of bicarbonate of soda on food stops the smell.
If your animal suffers from fleas, a natural remedy is garlic in
food as the fleas don’t like the odour emitting though the pores.

have been contacted by Kym Edwards advising that garlic can be toxic
to pets.

To clean dogs’ teeth put a plaster (Elastoplast)
on your finger, dip it into bicarbonate of soda and rub on teeth.
To administer pills to a dog, sit it down, put a little butter on
the pill, place inside the side of the mouth (at the back of the
tongue)  and hold jaw closed with head in a vertical position. The
animal has no option but to swallow and the pill slips down

information sent in by Gerald Martin.

method suggested by Jacqueline Craig

For getting dogs to swallow pills: fold
pill up in a small piece of cheese. The dogs swallow the cheese whole,
take it happily, and you don’t have to force the pill in! Works like a
charm every time.

To clean of excessive dirt from dogs’ coat, place
some tomato ketchup on your hand, rub it into the dirty area, leave a while then towel
off.  Rinse are with shampoo.
To remove dog hairs after bathing, leave wet hairs in bath for
about thirty minutes, then they will wipe off easily with a dry cloth.
A bin bag (plastic refuse bag) makes an ideal
apron when washing dogs.
If your pet suffers an insect
sting slice a raw onion and apply to the sting as soon as possible.

Contributed by
Gerald Martin

Comments received from
Becky who is a Veterinary Surgeon –

If your pet gets a sting
it is best to contact your vet for advice. 


To prevent small
dogs from getting tearstained eyes feed only with white fish and meat.

Contribution received from Liz.

received from Becky who is a Veterinary Surgeon –

I would not
advise my owners to feed fish and meat only diets to prevent tear
staining as they are likely to unbalance diets and are lacking in
calcium. Animals fed just meats and fish are at high risk of
developing nutritional hyperparathyroidism and bone deformation. Just
fish also lacks important vitamins due to the freezing process and
lack of them can result in heart failure! 





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