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Instructions on how to build a simple dog kennel

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How to build a dog Kennel

dog in kennel

Building a two-room kennel will provide a warm, dry,
outdoor shelter.  

Make it large enough for the dog to sleep or lie down in the inner
room without being cramped, allowing an extra 150mm (6in) to the length and width
measurements of the dog taken when it is lying curled up.  

Make the outer room half
as wide as the inner one.

For the height measure from the floor to the top
of the dog’s head when it is in a sitting position and add 150 mm.  Make the doorways
shoulder high and 50mm (2in) more than the shoulder width.

Add the length and width measurements of the two
rooms together and make a floor to this size using 18mm (3/4 in) exterior grade

For a base, build a frame the same size as the floor, using 50 x 100mm (2 x
4in) softwood timber. 

Fit the floor to the base, using 32mm (1 1/4in) No. 8

Make the walls and inner partition from 18mm
exterior grade chipboard with end walls cut at 45 degree angles for a sloping roof.  

Cut doorways in the partition and in one wall.

Use 18mm exterior grade plywood for the roof
panels. Join them at the apex with plastic corner joints.  Allow 50mm extra on the
length and width measurements of the roof panels to provide eaves.  

Cover the roof
with bituminous felt, held with galvanised clout nails.

Assemble the walls, base and inner partition
using plastic corner joints or screwing through short 25 x 25mm (1 x 1 in) battens.  

For cleaning make the roof detachable, held by cabin hooks.

Paint the outside walls and base with one coat
of primer followed by undercoat and gloss or a wood preservative – ensure you check the
product used is pet friendly.

I realise this is difficult with no picture but
if you imagine the base as a rectangular picture frame, place the floor on top of this
frame.  The construction is a bit like a doll’s house with a central partition
inside.  End walls and central partition have pointed tops to hold a sloping roof.

car towing dog in kennel

Place the kennel where the dog can see family
comings and going.  Disinfect regularly, cover the inner room with shredded newspaper,
changed weekly.


for detailed instructions on how to build a different sort of
kennel/dog house.





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