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Butcher’s Pet Care - Top Five Tips for photographing dogs 
in association with Nick Ridley

1.    Dogs have a short attention span so it is best to limit the photo sessions to about fifteen minutes, give the dog a break and then start again.

2.    Try to avoid taking pictures during the middle of a summers day, the light is too harsh and will cast heavy shadows. A bright overcast day will produce far better images.

3.    Always get down to the dogs eye level and use the eyes as the main focal point.

4.   Be aware of the background. Try to find an uncluttered area and watch out for lampposts and trees growing out of the dogs head.

5.    The welfare of the dog is the most important thing. Know when they have had enough and never subject them to harsh handling just to get a photograph.

photo of a dog framed photo of a dog framed photo of dog

Butcher’s Pet Care - what makes a good dog model 
in association with Nick Ridley

Hopeful owners who want to make their dogs into "models" quite often base their ambitions on the dogs’ looks, and although this is important, most clients are looking for personality. 

Pet photographers like a dog that has character and one that is well behaved. Most photographers can cope with naughty dogs. But mischievous dogs really put the pressure on the photographer, the dog and the owner, especially when working to a tight brief.

The dog should be able to cope with being in a studio environment as this can be quite daunting for any animal. 

One thing that really does help is if the dog is used to being handled at a distance. Most dogs will sit, stay etc. if the owner is close to them, however during a photoshoot this is not always possible. It is therefore much better if the dog can be controlled whilst away from its owner. 

The dog should obviously be well groomed and be people friendly, it is difficult to get a "family" type shot if the dog does not like strangers! 






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