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Collective Nouns Poem featuring fictitious collective nouns

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Collective Mind/Guilded Monuments

by Ross Clark

two people fighting in front of judge

A brief of lawyers, a last supper of jurors, 

A busyness of teachers, a mosh of juveniles, 

A band of censors, a drone of politicians, 

A rubble of vandals, a tag of graffitists, 

A paranoia of poets.

cartoon dog conducting music

A cunning of stuntmen, a guild of jewellers,

A clutch of shop-lifters, a round-up of police,

A posse of rappers, a current of conductors,

A drove of chauffeurs, a shuffle of deros, 

A conspiracy of poets. 

dog in plane

A precision of pilots, a composting of gardeners, 

A squall of meteorologists, a hive of gossips, 

A library of bookmakers, a setting of chefs,

A groundswell of undertakers, a ruck of footballers, 

A stanza of poets.

fishermen holding fish

A paradigm of philosophers, an amalgam of dentists, 

A pack of bush-walkers, a fringe of strippers, 

A palette of painters, a swab of veterinarians, 

A stink of fisherman, a register of shopkeepers, 

A choiring of poets.


A theatre of nurses, a gallon of plumbers, 

A fasting of jockeys, a chaos of teenagers,

A clef of musicians, a flock of models, 

A collection of preachers, a suture of surgeons,

A kenning of poets. 

crocodile playing cello

A travail of tourists, a subsidy of farmers, 

An arrangement of florists, a sweep of cleaners, 

A discord of critics, an expression of actors,

A painstaking of forgers, a script of pharmacists, 

A challenge of poets.

cartoon scientist

A heritage of antique-dealers, a denial of nuns, 

An opinion of taxi-drivers, a bottom-line of accountants, 

An atomic number of scientists, a nest of bird-breeders,

A dumpster of garbologists, a pride of hairdressers,

A respiration of poets.

bbok, quill and ink

A chapter of novelists, a flight of refugees, 

A scale of dieticians, a gathering of pollsters, 

A stand of protesters, a club of bouncers, 

A grid of surveyors, a rank of officers, 

A solace of poets.

elderly couple


Some more fictitious

for animals, birds etc.


Jennii Ramirez
wrote saying –

Are you aware that there is a
book which lists “nouns of multitude?” It’s title is “An
Exaltation of Larks






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