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Animal Security – essential security precautions to ensure pet safety

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is essential that pet owners carefully consider the safety of their pets.
Below is a list of some essential security precautions you should take.

This list is not complete and extra precautions should be taken as and when the
circumstances require.

: You should never leave your dog alone
in the car. It can cause distress if the dog is left for long periods which
could be fatal in hot weather, and secondly, your dog is a target for
opportunist thieves. Pet Detectives have had many reported cases of stolen
dogs which were left alone in a car.

tie your dog up outside shops. Tying your dog up outside a
shop leaves them in danger of being stolen by opportunist thieves. Many dogs
are stolen in this way.


kennel a dog for extended periods in the garden. Pet Detectives would advise
against kennelling animals in a garden, but if you do so, it is a must to
ensure they have adequate security and are provided with food and water.

dog should be microchipped. A microchip is a very small chip, about the size
of a grain of rice inserted between the shoulder blades. The cost of
microchipping your animal is minimal, about £25 and includes life long
membership to the pet log register and is incredibly important.

rescues and dog wardens carry scanners, so any animal that is found by them
will reveal a 12 digit number which can be rung into pet log (24 hours a
day). This number will link to your own details, linking the lost pet to

For further
details on microchipping enquire with your local vet.

Microchip your cat! Microchipping means one scan of an animal will link your
pet to you via the pet log and enable your pet to be returned safely to you.
If a pet is found and not microchipped, it is virtually impossible to link
that animal to yourself.

you have your cat from a kitten, keep them indoors as long as you can up to
the age of 1, this is well after males have been neutered and will ensure he
is a home loving cat and uninterested in straying, where he may get lost or
hit by a car.

leave your cat outdoors when you are not at home. It is important your pet
always has access to water and shelter.





This article was contributed
by Pet Detectives but it appears this site is not longer online.

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