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How to Make Your Home Look Like You’ve Won the Lottery

Have you ever wanted to live in a home that makes you look like you’re a millionaire? Do you think about what it would be like to invite friends over and impress them with your gorgeous interior designs, beautiful furniture, and stunning features?

a feeling of winning a lottery

We have found a good article from Kimberly Duran at Lottoland where she shares her 10 best tips to make your home look like the lap of luxury without having to fork out a small fortune. If you want to read it out, click on how to make you home look like a millionaire.

However, if you won or not the lottery or any other large cash prize, know that you can still make your home look like you have. With a set budget, you can make some amendments and additions to your living space that will make you the envy of your guests, and enhance the enjoyment you receive from relaxing and spending time in your home.

Let’s look at some of the things you could do to make your home look fabulously luxurious in no time!

Keep it minimal

The saying ‘less is more’ certainly rings true when it comes to making your home look amazing. You don’t have to fill your house with lots of furniture and new items in order to look like you’re rich – you can take a more minimal approach which will allow you to focus on highlighting key features in your home, such as a large plant, a beautiful mirror, or a set of minimal yet high-quality wooden or marble tables.

This will also help you to make your home look more spacious, creating the illusion that you have a much bigger house.

Taking a minimal and more strategic approach to what you buy, what you place around your home, and how many items you have in one room will not only save you money in the long run, but will help your home to maintain a clean, pristine, and high-end style.

Focus on quality

By cutting back on the number of items you plan to buy for your home, you can invest the money that you’ve saved into fewer yet better quality additions to your space. For example, buying one high-quality dining table, instead of buying three lower quality items of kitchen furniture, will instantly transform your dining area while keeping a more minimal look that allows both the household and your guests to truly appreciate the high standard and stunning look.

Material is important

Giving your home an extravagant makeover is about more than just design, shapes, and practical features. The materials, colours, and textures that you choose are of paramount importance, and could make all the difference to how people view your home.

Materials such as white marble and rose gold are often top choices for fabulously wealthy homeowners, but don’t worry about using these exclusively in your home. In fact, it is very possible to overdo it by using these materials for everything, and this could make your home look tacky or overwhelming.

Sticking with a colour scheme which involves just one or two colours – such as contrasting black and white, or complementary pink and grey shades – is a key part of creating a luxury look. Choosing smooth and reflective textures can help create more space while adding an exquisite and polished style.

Lighting up your home

Lighting is a key feature of any property, but if you’re trying to make your home look like you’re rich, you should pay closer attention to exactly which type of lights you choose. The primary purpose of lighting outside your property should be for security, which in itself can create the appearance of wealth. But you can install additional lights in the garden – such as a pathway of LED lights or a large tree which is outlined with a minimal number of smaller lights.

Inside your home, delicate hanging lights at different levels can create a popular look for any kitchen. In the lounge and living area, a large chandelier could form a stunning centre piece, as long as you don’t have several other items which you want to feature in the same space. In the bedrooms and around the home, automatic or voice-controlled lights can add a splash of luxury and impress anyone who walks through your door.

Don’t forget all the exterior

While your guests will be entering your house and will be exposed to much of the interior space, it’s important to remember the exterior of the property too.

Depending on where you live, many people may pass by your home each day, and will no doubt take a second glance if it looks like you’ve won the lottery. Consider options such as installing a water fountain or other centre piece in your garden, or renovating the lawn and other green spaces to allow you to build a paved patio with garden furniture.

Gated properties are often more likely to give the impression of wealthy owners, and come with the added benefit of extra security. Installing features such as a digital lock and access permissions, an intercom, or automatic gates can all offer practical solutions to security problems while also making your home look like the owners have won the jackpot.

The final touches

Once you have all the main practical features of your home decided, give some thought to additional impressive touches which could be added. For example, a few small but exotic plants in the bathroom, a contemporary painting in the hallway, or truly vintage furniture pieces such as a grandfather clock, a grand piano, or a display cabinet with ornamental doors.

Rather than buying a large set of expensive kitchenware, you can buy less costly items for everyday use, and keep a limited number of fancy kitchen items to use when you have guests over for dinner. If you’re looking to save some additional cash, consider visiting auctions and second-hand showrooms to pick up some great bargains.


It’s clear to see that you can make your home look like you’ve won a staggering amount of money even if you haven’t really been lucky enough to win. Take your time to ensure that you get a final look that not only thrills you every day as the owner, but blows all your visitors away too!

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