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A Guide to Wheelie Bin Storage

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A guide to Wheelie Bin Storage

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Wheelie bins are fast becoming a part of British
life. With most councils now offering additional bins for recycling
household and garden waste, along with boxes for specific recyclables, the
typical UK home will have multiple garden bins.

Thanks to an increasing range of garden storage
solutions, no longer must our beloved bins be left to spoil the garden.
Here’s some of the ways your garden can benefit from using a wheelie bin

Benefits of Concealing Your Bins & Recycle Boxes

Improved Kerb Appeal

Although extremely useful, wheelie bins don’t
provide a great amount of aesthetic appeal. Many homes suffer from lack of
access to the rear garden, meaning household bins are stuck out on the drive
or in the front garden for all to see.  

Garden stores provide the perfect solution,
disguising your unsightly council bins whilst providing effortless disposal.

As they say, first impressions are critical and this
is no truer when it comes to selling your property. Conceal those wheelie
bins to achieve a more appealing front of house photo on those online
listings. You never know, it might just increase viewings.

Protection against High Winds

It doesn’t matter where you live, strong gusts of
wind can knock over the heaviest of wheelie bins and there’s nothing worse
than having to collect last week’s takeaway tray from halfway down the

Most wooden wheelie bin covers provide adequate
protection against the force of nature. For coastal properties and locations
prone to gale force winds, the wooden cover can be fixed to the floor or
fastened against the wall for maximum durability.

Keep Garden Pests at Bay

Although this is not a widespread issue, there are
cases in the UK where local pests, such as squirrels and foxes gain access
to contents of your bin or recycle boxes. Wheelie bin covers prevents any
unwanted entry, with some products providing lockable hasps for maximum

Different Types of Garden Bin Stores

Like most products, consumers are faced with
numerous options and this is no different in the garden bin store market.

Wheelie Bin Screen

  • Relatively cheap to
  • Quick & easy to
  • Can conceal 140,
    240 and 360 litre wheelie bins
  • Rattan design often
    compliments other garden furniture


  • Not very durable
    against strong wind and rain
  • Generally requires
    you to place your bins up against a wall or fence
  • Only provides a
    partial disguise (top and rear of bins are exposed)
  • Not a practical
    solution for recycle boxes


woven wheelie bin screen

Wooden Wheelie Bin Store

  • Completely
    disguises your bins
  • Strong structure
    that is durable enough to cope with bad weather
  • Long lasting,
    especially if treated/stained annually
  • Can be locked for
    added security


  • More expensive than
    a rattan screen
  • Can be time
    consuming to construct and requires a drill
  • The process of
    taking your bins out on collection day becomes slightly longer
  • Not suitable for
    the larger 360 litre bins


wooden wheelie bin store

Wheelie Bin & Recycle Box Store

wheelie bin and recycling box storeIncorporating the same benefits and drawbacks as the
wooden bin store above, but with the added flexibility of storing recycle
boxes and bags.

Available in multiple variants, including 1 wheelie bin & 4
recycle boxes or 2 wheelie bins and 2 recycle boxes dependant on your

What to Consider When Purchasing a Garden Bin Store

  • How big your
    wheelie bins are (see size guide below) and how many recycle boxes you
  • What budget you have to spend.
  • Where you’re going to position the bin screen or store – more information on this can be found here https://www.wheeliebinstoragedirect.co.uk/where-to-place-your-wheelie-bin-cover/ 

  • Whether you prefer a slatted or fully enclosed wooden design
  • If your council is planning on changing their domestic waste management policies

three different size wheelie bins





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