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Swimming Pools

 General Maintenance Information and Safety Tips

lady holding a cocktail whilst in a dinosaur swimming ring We all dream of having or own swimming pool for relaxing weekends and good quality time spent with our friends or children.

Wanting it is not enough, we also have to know how to maintain them and have some general knowledge in this domain, from the different plumbing supplies we need to have around the house, to tips on how to save some energy and therefore some costs or how to work safely with such installations, no matter if you choose to have a ground swimming pool or an above ground one.

Maybe you would first be interested in some general financial details and therefore you may want to know that ground swimming pools cost a bit more than above ground ones, but all costs are relative as they depend on the design of the pool, its size or the materials used for its construction.

If you really want to save some money when it comes to maintaining your own swimming pool, you might also be interested in topics such as energy saving Also, another way to save some money would be to choose to maintain your swimming pool on your own and not hire a maintenance firm, but of course, this requires some knowledge on DIY plumbing. 

When it comes to swimming pools, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is how to heat your swimming pool, so that you can use once summer is over, too. 

A swimming pool heater allows you to modify the water temperature during colder periods of the year and therefore have, for example, 80 degrees water in March. Such a heater can actually double the swimming period or even triple it, in warmer regions. Also, in order to keep as much of the heat with your swimming pools, you can turn to insulated swimming pool covers. If you think about it, a swimming pool heater is one of the most important plumbing supplies to think of as far as your swimming pool is concerned.  kidney shaped swimming pool

You can choose from different kinds of heaters for your pool, starting with gas fired heaters, which run off LP gas, this type of heaters being the most popular nowadays. These are quite cheap and also very profitable in time. You can also provide heat into your swimming pool using oil or, with some extra money, you can also choose to heat your swimming pool electrically, but you should also know that maintaining a swimming pool equipped with such heaters is not the easiest. Moreover, you can have a solar heater, this option also being the most energy saving one, but being one of the most expensive options, too. 

child standing by unfinished empty swimming pool Equipping your swimming pool with a good swimming pool lighting system is also a point to take into consideration, as this also makes your swimming period longer, not looking from the season point of view, obviously, but looking at the day-night balance. This system is to be installed from the very beginning of the pool construction, as if you don’t do this from the beginning, you might lose some money and some time, too. 


Swimming pools and such installations always come with certain safety requirements, therefore it is important to have some safety tips in mind. For example, value comes with security, so that a privacy fence may not be such a bad idea in order to protect your property from any intruders.

Also, no matter how good you and the others are at swimming, you might it very useful to know some CPR techniques, in order to be prepared for any unfortunate situations. 

Children should always be supervised when using the swimming pool, because what they consider a deal of great fun can at any time turn into an unpleasant situation. 

Moreover, safety also has to do with adding chemicals to the water, chemicals to remove unwanted bacteria or algae, which are very dangerous and unhealthy. 

Obviously, swimming pools are great for having fun and relaxing, but having a swimming pool also comes with some responsibilities and require a certain amount of knowledge. From different types of equipment to the necessary safety tips, swimming pools need their special amount of attention and dedication. 




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