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Protect your Property with Plants

Some plants and shrubs are excellent in helping to protect your property.

You can beat thieves by using a natural line of defence, the plants themselves. They can be especially useful when trying to prevent access over fences and walls or even under your windows.

They are environmentally friendly and can attract wildlife to your garden. You can train branches along the tops of fences and walls to make things more difficult for anyone attempting to climb over.

Here are some of the best.


This is my personal favourite as not only are the thorny branches and very useful on fences and walls, it is also an extremely beautiful shrub.

? www.floralimages.co.uk 


Common Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna)
? www.floralimages.co.uk 

Common Hawthorn 
(Crataegus Monogyna)

This forms a fantastic impenetrable barrier. Plant in a staggered row, 4 to 1 metre.



Berberis Gagnepanii

This shrub has small dense prickly evergreen leaves, it is extremely suitable grown as a low hedge.

Berberis Gagnepanii


Common Gorse (Ulex Europaeus)
? www.floralimages.co.uk 

Common Gorse 
(Ulex Europaeus

This viciously spiny shrub grows 4-5 feet in height. 


Berberis Stenophylla

Use as a hedge or shrub. Allow two plants per metre.

Berberis Stenophylla


Rosa Fruhlings Gold Yellow

Rosa Fruhlings Gold Yellow

This fragrant old fashioned rose is densely prickly - the perfect deterrent.

Many of us have taken great care in securing our homes and the property within them, but what about sheds and garages?  With the array of equipment - power tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, sports items and other valuables kept in them, security measures should be just as strong as our homes, but often they are not!




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