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Hanging baskets displayed in Garden Centres always seem to look perfect, the art of this is in the mix of both plants and colour, here are a few suggestions for the less experienced amongst us.

Pale pink Tulips with dark blue Grape Hyacinths. 

Yellow and red Gazanias with white Marguerites.

Pink and white Sweet Williams with purple Heartsease.

White Geraniums, white Busy Lizzie and white trailing Lobelia.

Red Salvias, white trailing Lobelia and blue Campanulas.

Pink and mauve stocks (night scented), white "Chrysanthemum frutescens" and purple trailing "Maurandia".

Pink Petunias with blue "Campanula isophylla" and ivy.

Pink ivy leaved Geraniums with pale and dark blue trailing Lobelia.

Pink fuchsias, trailing blue Lobelia, and mixed "Begonia semperflorens".

Pink and yellow Antirrhinums with blue and white trailing Lobelia.

Dark red Geraniums with silvery Cineraria.

Pink Antirrhinums with white Alyssum and blue Lobelia.


Information on how to plant window boxes


What can I put in that shady corner on the patio?

Primulas and Polyanthus are suitable for containers in partial shade, however, they need to be kept moist as they will not do well if allowed to dry out.   They will provide a lovely display in winter and early spring.

Lilly of the Valley are shade lovers and quickly form clumps. In the U.K. the waxy, white bell-like flowers appear in April or May.

London Pride produces masses of small pink flowers in early Summer.

Buzy Lizzies are colourful, easy to grow and are ideal for hanging baskets or boxes that don't get much sun.  The double varieties give even more colour.

Begonias will all tolerate partial shade.  They are available in trailing and upright varieties in reds, yellows and purplish tones.

Many Foliage plants grow well in shady places.  Ivy, ferns, and Hostas are always popular, but remember Hostas are also popular with slugs.  




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