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Lawn Mower Maintenance – how to keep your lawn mower in tip top condition

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How to keep your lawn
mower in tip top condition.

man mowing lawnIf you already own or are ready to
purchase a new lawn mower then you need to keep in mind that these are
the kind of items that need to be taken are of and given regular
maintenance in order to maintain its high quality of cut and to prolong
the life-span of your mower – this is especially important if you’ve
spent a lot of money on the product, you want value for your money,
after all.

So to keep things in tip-top condition
you should be doing weekly, monthly and even yearly maintenance in order
to keep your mower in optimal condition. A lot of this is very easy to
do and takes literally a few extra minutes so don’t worry about having
to do anything too excessive.

Weekly Maintenance

As the title suggests this maintenance
should be carried out each week, however it could also be done bi-weekly
for those with less time on their hands and depending on how many times
you actually mow your lawn. After each session or as much as feasibly
possible, you should use a hose to remove any excess dirt and clippings
from the underside of the lawn mower (i.e. the part where the blades

Ensure that your lawn mower is disconnected from the power source if you
own an electric powered lawn mower, however if you own one of the many

petrol lawnmowers
that are available then you should remove
the spark-plug.

You also need to give the engine of the
mower sufficient time to stop and also cool before you start the
cleaning process.

This type of maintenance is done to
ensure that grass cuttings do not build up and also allows for enough
room to allow the optimal mulching if your lawn mower has this option.

Monthly Maintenance

Your lawn mower is only as effective as
your blades are sharp so therefore you should ensure that your blades
are sharpened once a month or bi-monthly to get the most out of your
mower. It’s a common problem that when cutting with dull blades it also
makes your lawn look somewhat dull and will also cause your lawn to have
an uneven cut – add the fact that it also promotes lawn diseases and
more work for you, this is probably the most important maintenance out
of all.

When cutting with a dull blade your
mower is susceptible to using up to an amazing 20% extra fuel than
during normal, optimal use, therefore not only does the above apply but
you could also find yourself using much more fuel and therefore much
more money if you operate a gas powered lawn mower.

You can find extra information
online for help with sharpening the blades of your mower however
there are plenty of lawn mower servicing places in most areas if
you would prefer someone else to take care of it for you.

man mowing lawn

There are also lots of stores
that sell new blades and they generally cost very little, so even once
your blades have become somewhat dull, simply head over to a local store
and get your hands on a new one for as little as $10. When reattaching
the blade you must ensure that the sharp cutting edge of the blade is
facing downward, towards the grass for obvious reasons.

Yearly Maintenance

a) Each spring you should ensure that
you change the oil in your lawn mower. For those who run a two-stroke
engine then you should find that your oil is already mixed with the fuel
therefore this step doesn’t apply to you – you should check your engine
to see which type of oil your engine runs before applying any.

To drain any oil that may still be
present before adding new oil, you should have a drainage plug located
on the underside of the lawn mower, if you cannot find it please refer
to your owners manual for the exact location.

b) The spark plug should be replaced
and they’re relatively cheap, so there’s not much extra cost addition

c) If you have a filter for the fuel
this should be replaced, however not all mower will have one. Again you
should refer to the manual to find the exact location but in general you
should find this somewhere on the fuel line between the tank and
carburettor – it’s often off-white or black in colour.

d) Just like us humans your lawn mowers
engine, the core of the product, needs to breath. As you will probably
notice, when you’re doing your lawn there are lots of dust and pieces of
debris flying around and this often gets caught p in the air filter – to
ensure optimum performance and cleanliness this should be replaced twice
a year.

That is it. You should now be running a
perfectly working lawn mower which should last for many years to come.

Lawn mower

man mowing lawn 






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