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Water fountains – ideas on how to use indoor and outdoor water features in your home and/or garden

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For Using A Fountain In Your Home Or Garden Décor

Simon Phillips

Adding a water
fountain is a wonderful way to create a peaceful and welcoming
atmosphere in your garden or inside your home. 
The sound and sight of trickling water is naturally soothing and
water fountains can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings to help
induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. 
There are various types of fountains, from elegant stone
structures designed to be focal points of a garden, to small but
decorative tabletop fountains perfect for a study or living room. 

outdoor wall water feature


outdoor fountains are self-contained and easy to set up, with no plumbing
required.  They run on either
an electrical pump or on solar power, which has the benefit of no running

bird bath style fountain not only looks lovely in a garden, it will be
good for attracting wildlife, including birds and butterflies that will be
drawn to the water.

outdoor wall fountain is another design, which can make a stunning
centerpiece on any garden or patio wall. 
Wall fountains can work well in small courtyard gardens. 
They are ideal for both adding visual appeal to an otherwise bare
wall, and for helping to drown out the noise of traffic by producing a
gentle trickling sound, transforming your backyard into a peaceful retreat
from the rush of modern life.

pond fountain can be used to great effect in a garden pond, with the
continually cascading water creating a decorative display, as well as
helping to prevent the pond water becoming stagnant.

indoor water feature

Indoor Fountains

indoor water fountain

designed for indoor use come in a range of sizes and styles, from small
desktop fountains to larger ones that make a big impact in large spaces,
such as an entrance hall or reception area.

Indoor tabletop
fountains come in a variety of styles, including classical, oriental and
contemporary, so you should be able to find one that’s a perfect match
for the décor theme of your room.  Having
a water fountain indoors is great for creating a calming ambiance and
easing stress.  The moving
water also acts as a natural humidifier and helps combat air pollution by
releasing negative ions.

indoor fountain is an excellent accessory for a home office or study, or
can look stunning as a unique ornament on a mantelpiece or bookshelf in
the living room.

Garden and Indoor water fountains make great gifts, or alternatively you could
treat yourself to one and add a special touch to your garden design or
interior décor.


1: Keep the water sparkling by
adding aquarium tablets.

2: Make sure that the reservoir
is empty over winter otherwise the water will freeze; expand and
split it.

The best way to do this is with a
battery operated aquarium pump; they cost about £5.

To stop rain getting into the
reservoir I made a cover out of a cheap tarpaulin from B & Q, also

3: Electric cables should be
buried at least a spit depth down so that it can’t be reached by
general digging.

Use armour cable if you can but
it is expensive. Alternatively feed the cable through plastic
conduit prior to laying.

Before back filling cover the
cable with bricks/broken slabs/ large cobbles.

Important – check
local laws and rules regarding the installation of outdoor
electrical cables.




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