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Coffea Arabica fact sheet 

from David’s Exotic Plants



Coffea should be watered thoroughly but then allowed to dry out almost completely before re-watering. In the rest period (winter) they should only be watered when the soil is almost dust dry.   When growing begins in the Spring they should be given phostrogen feed once a week, to encourage new growth.    

Over-wintering in the UK

Coffea plants tend to do very well in the house.  They will continue to produce new leaves and,  if you are very lucky, flowers through the winter months.    Simply ensure the tree has plenty of light, ventilation and food, and do not over-water.

Coffea plants can be kept on a south-facing window indoors or in a conservatory or greenhouse not below 12C. 

Summer months

Coffea require as much sunlight and ventilation as possible. Feed once a week with a phostrogen feed to help encourage flowers.


Red spider mite, scale insect, white fly and greenfly are the main culprits and the best solution is to wash your plant with soapy water every few days to cut down the insect numbers, or simply give it a good hose down.


Coffea plants require loam-based compost with either grit or bark chippings to aid drainage.  The optimum pH is 6.5.  They should be re-potted once a year if/when the plant becomes pot-bound.


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