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How to keep cats off gardens, lawns etc. and other cat tips

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A question which keeps cropping up is how to keep cats
off gardens.  There does not appear to be a definite solution to this problem,
different things seem to work for different people.  Here are a few of the
suggestions I have found or have received from contributors.

  • We
    recently put a large garden wind chime in a tree, in a corner which
    was used constantly by scores of cats. Amazingly, we have not seen a
    single cat in our garden since. The chimes are tuned to the notes of a
    Gregorian chant!


  • You need either lion or tiger droppings!

I did not believe this at first but rang London
Zoo to find that there is a waiting list. (About 4 months ten years ago)
They eventually called to say that my (Lion) droppings were ready. I
collected a black plastic bag full of frozen produce and was asked to
pay £5 (for the bag). The Zoo suggested dissolving a lump in a watering
can and sprinkling it around the garden. My wife refused to keep the
rest in the freezer so I distributed what I had in a once-only
operation; a smelly but effective choice. I never saw another cat in our

You might want to share the
                                                             Shared by Andrew Bell


  • The more common remedies are citrus fruit peel, chilli
    pepper powder or eucalyptus oil.


  • Spread alum around the area (this is also said to work for
    rabbits and horses).

Contribution received from
Marjorie Fuhrmann

  • Provide an area for them to use by turning over some dirt in
    a garden bed, get some cat pheromone spray from a vet or pet shop and spray that around
    the new area to encourage them to go there.


  • Ask your garden centre to suggest cat deterrent plants you
    can scatter around.

  • Spray them with a hose or keep a spray bottle of water

These suggestions were sent
in by Kim Hedrich

  • There are various sprays you
    can buy intended for this purpose, always remember to read the labels carefully to ensure
    they are suitable for your particular needs.

tabby cat


Now for the most radical suggestion I have received –

  • Save urine and spray onto area – this was really meant for
    drives etc. and would probably not only kill the grass but I hate to think of the smell on
    a hot day – it may not only be the cats that stay away!

This was apparently suggested
on Janet Edge’s local radio station!

  • Place a small length of hosepipe in amongst your plants,
    cats and birds don’t like snakes!







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