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Expert advice on How to Restore and protect your decking.

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and Protect Your Deck

Have the long months of winter taken a toll on
your deck?  Is it dirty,
mildew-stained and wearing a coat of gray?

Don’t worry.  It’s
easy to restore your deck to its natural beauty so you can enjoy it
during the warm months ahead.  And,
it’s just as easy to protect your deck so it stays beautiful for years
to come.  Here’s some
advice from the experts at

Wood Care Products:

Step 1:

away dirt and gray weathered wood with an acid-free, biodegradable deck
cleaner, like

(formerly Deck & Fence Brightener).  Deck Brite
is tough on ground-in dirt, mildew and algae stains, yet it’s gentle
to handle and safe to use near grass, plants or shrubs. Its fast-acting
foaming action loosens and lifts dirt, stains and weathered-gray
discoloration in 10 minutes or less. 
And unlike chlorine bleach, which can actually degrade the
structure of the wood, Deck Brite’s oxygen bleach formula cleans and
restores the wood to its original, like-new look without whitening or
damaging the wood surface.  Protective finishes will adhere better and last longer.

Step 2:

your deck against mildew attack, water damage and graying with a
powerful finish and preservative, like Wolman

Premium Wood Finish and Preservative. 
As a preservative, F&P contains twice the mildewcide of other
products to prohibit decay-producing fungal growth including mildew and
mold – other leading products simply resist mildew on the coating
film.  It also contains a
water repellent that exceeds national standards, thereby minimizing wood
damage such as splitting and warping. 
In fact, F&P is guaranteed to repel water and protect against
wood rot and decay up to four years. F&P is available in four
one-coat, easy-to-apply finishes – golden pine, natural, cedar and
redwood – that beautify wood with long-lasting, transparent color that
reveals natural wood grain and protects against graying.

Step 3:

out your patio furniture and enjoy your deck this spring – and, for
many seasons to come.

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