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More car and motoring related hints and tips such as frozen car locks, oil on drives, ignition key won’t turn.

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Richard Keane
has sent in this very
useful and important tip.

When disconnecting a car battery always follow this procedure
: negative/earth/black terminal to be removed first and connected
last. Because if it is not and a tool bridges the positive/live/red
terminal to the body, the resulting short circuit can fritz
electronic components like engine management units and alternator
rectifiers. Vast expense, inconvenience and immobility will ensue.

Remember, a short circuit
is not only likely to damage your car but it can cause severe
injuries as well.

 If you are unfortunate enough to
have an accident involving a foreign lorry then bear in mind that many overseas
lorries have a different number plate for the cabin part to that of the trailer.

Ensure you take note of both numbers as these will be
required by your insurance company.

Margaret Reeve

The A.A. have made
available to the general public the following site which you might
include in your motoring section as I am sure your site visitors
would find it very useful,  the address is:-


Dempsey (40 Years on the road}

 The best way to free
jammed steering locks
is to remove the load from the steering
mechanism.  To do this jack up the front of the car in the middle of the
axle.  Then normally the steering wheel and lock will be no longer under
load this allows the key to be turned as normal.

received from David Demspey (ex. AA)

To stop windscreen wipers
rub a slice of apple onto the blades.

by Andrew Atkinson

 When cleaning electrical
in your car i.e. fuses etc. use an electrical contact
cleaner such as “DeoxIT” as it actually improves the
conductivity of the metal.  Although fairly expensive it can be
used elsewhere and a little goes a long way.

Thanks to
Andrew Muschett for this one.

To remove oil from drives pour on a
small bottle of Coca Cola, cheap and effective!

Sent in by Carol

 A liquid spray called “Muck off”
sold to clean mountain bikes is great for cleaning soiled alloy car

This product is apparently available in
Halfords in the U.K., presumably there is something similar available in
other parts of the world.

Contributed by
Victor Hunt

Ignition key won’t turn in lock
and wiggling the steering wheel does not work, try spraying some WD40
onto the lock.

experience of Angelia Thomas.

When approaching a tunnel
blink quickly this will adjust eyes to the tunnel lighting. 


care should be taken when driving to avoid accidents.

Use any type of
carbonated soda (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) to pour on a windshield
(windscreen?) to remove road grime when it is raining and your
washer fluid container is empty or washers are broken. 

Just pour over the windshield while the wipers
are on low speed; it cuts right through the road grime.

Make sure it is still
raining. Leaving soda on a car may damage the finish if it is left on
the car and dries there. 







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