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Roller garage doors
A modern alternative for your

by Mike Holly on behalf of SNR
Garage Doors

Roller garage doors were designed to fulfil a number of key

  • You can park right up against the garage door. There is no need to worry about how the door will open and maybe mark your car.

  • There is more access room for tall vehicles. A basic up and over garage door will lower the height of the entrance by about 4 inches. This doesn’t happen with Roller garage doors.

  • There is no intrusion into overhead storage space which you get with a typical garage door.


Roller doors tend to be sold with a variety of options. Basically tied

    1. Security.

    2. Insulation.

    3. Automatic door openers.

    4. Quality and type of finish.?

Nowadays ordering on line is relatively easy and most e commerce sites will deliver direct from the manufacturer to the


Care must be taken when taking the measurements prior to ordering and two fitters are preferable to help hang the door.


    roller garage doors


As for more usual up and over garage doors you should also have a choice as to:-

a. Level of
. Remember it’s not just your car which needs protecting but also anything you store such as bicycles, golf clubs and so

b. Insulation. Garage doors now offer insulation to help protect against frost and the winter chills.?

Article written by Mike
Holly of Dark Sea Web
Design Limited




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